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Metallerke oberspree, herbstmesse beginn 25th August, it also has the issue number Comes in super condition and measures 1. Comes in fair condition, there is some scuffing to the metal around the edges, it measures 1. The DT symbol Deutsch Turnfest was used extensively and appears on badges both metal and cloth and on propaganda and awards. This badge is made from a white silk with red machine sewn silk thread, it would have been used on a sports shirt or sleeve, comes in good condition, there is some foxing on the white material and a pin hole.

This winners wreath is constructed from wires with paper oak leaves and acorns threaded around, to the top are two ribbons, one white and one gold on the white ribbon is 'Dem Sieger' 'the winner' with the DT symbol at the bottom. A very unique item it comes in fair condition, the ribbons are grubby and need an iron but given its age and vulnerability it is in good order. It measures roughly 12 inches in diameter. All part of the sports day symbols and all in good order.

The badge measures 3. This aluminium tinny has 'Deutsche Jugendfest ' around the Nazi eagle and Swastika, comes in very good condition and measures 1. The condition is wonderful and its only fault is a scratch on the back where someone has been less than sympathetic when testing the silver content which is 9. The pin and catch on the back is also perfect and it measures 2 x 1 inches and it is a good heavy gauge of silver.

A wonderful little pin back brooch, hand-made from brass, I think to represent an early civil aircraft like the Comet, but I could be wrong, it could be military. It comes in perfect original condition and measures 1. A superb quality cut glass Whisky decanter, beautifully hand blown and hand cut with its original facet cut stopper.

It is made of good lead crystal, so it is quite a heavy beast, it measures A nice early set of two badges for the Royal Corps of Signals. The cap badge in bi-metal with two lugs on the back comes with the three-line brass shoulder title.

Both badges are in very good original condition. After the DRL's institution, all other German sport associations gradually lost their freedom, and were appointed into the DRL; even the most prestigious ones, like the German Football Association lost their independence.

The goal was to build a formidable Nazi sports body to which all German sports associations would be submitted. It was thought that physical exercise would improve the morale and productivity of German workers as well as making sports a source of national pride for the Germans. Sporting skills were made a condition for school graduation as well as a necessary qualification for certain jobs and admission to universities.

This one is made of bronze, so a 3rd class award. It also comes with its miniature equivalent the larger badge has a little wear to the surface and the pin is in perfect condition.

A superb and scarce lot comprising of enamel badge, sports shirt insignia and pass book all relating to the Nationalsozialistische Frauenschaft or the German National Socialist Women's League.

This was the women's wing of the Nazi Party. It was founded in October as a fusion of several nationalist and National Socialist women's associations, which survived until the end of WW2.

The purpose of the organisation was to promote the principles of the Nazi party that applied to the women of the day, but during the war, it helped to raise money for the war effort and the ladies themselves helped out in hospitals, factories and even gave out cups of tea and coffee to the returning wounded at railway stations and knitted woolen garments for the men on the eastern front.

The enamelled badge, probably the most common thing found from this organisation these days, it has a small area of damage to the enamel. The rare sports shire insignia is in mint condition and unused; as is the pass book. This is covered with brown linin and has a organisation badge printed to the front. This has never been written in, however it has a good early Stamp to the inside.

All three items came together and obviously belonged to the same person. Original German Feldgendarmerie or Field police badge worn by ranks up to Lieutenant, it was worn on the upper part of the left arm, on field and service tunics. This one has had the swastika and the bottom part of the wreath, but still an interesting piece of original cloth insignia.

The Sports Badge of the SA or Sturmabteilung or Stormtroopers, was a decoration issued between the years and and held in very high regard. Although originally designed as a physical fitness badge for Nazi Stormtroopers; the SA Sports Badge was issued across every German military and paramilitary organization and it was allowed to freely be displayed on a military uniform. This one comes in excellent original condition with only slight wear to the very high points.

It has a good straight pin on the back along with good makers details etc for E. Ludenscheid is a city in the Märkischer Kreis district situated west-central Germany. A very good example of a 3rd class award. The whole box has been inlaid with fruit woods in geometric patterns, and the tamba top is inlaid with a ship to the centre. When the lid is pulled back the bottom drawer automatically opens. Probably a real talking piece in its day. It comes in good working condition and the inlay is also in perfect order.

German Sports Badges was issued for the completion of various physical and athletic tests, this one is in silver so a 2nd class award. Although there is some wear to the surface of this badge, it comes in very good condition and a fine example with good makers details on the back for Wernstein Jena. It still retains nearly all of its original paint and all of its top label. It has both of its little bolt type locks, so the lid can be held firm.

An interesting display item, or a practical tin waiting to be used once again. It measures 15 x 6 x 1. When the Schools of Musketry, the Small Arms School, Hythe and the machine Gun School, Netheravon were combined in , the Small Arms School Corps was born; they wore this all bass badge, which shows the Vickers machine gun and crossed bayoneted rifles, with the Kings crown inside the wreath. It was used up to around , when the queens crown was issued, but this badge was all white metal.

This fine example comes in pretty much perfect condition and only showing a minimum amount of use. A lovely quality all brass officers cross belt plate, it comes in excellent original condition and measures 3.

The badge comes in good condition with some light staining on the front and is complete with its slide pin on the back, it measures one inch in diameter. This example comes in fair condition and shows wear to the high points. It is quite worn on the front and measures just under 1.

To accompany the photo is a driving school certificate for PC Welch who passed his exams in May also a head and shoulders shot of a young PC in uniform. The large photo which measures 11 x 8 inches not including the mount is in fair condition, the mount is in a poor condition, it has broken through the middle and this has caused a fold in the photo and also the left margin is broken, the other two items are in good order.

Povey and dated July , comes in its original box of issue which includes a small card for the Life Guards Corps inviting the medal recipient to join their society. The medal is in very good condition. Well marked on the back with 'Oediger u. Measures 35mm in diameter. This one comes in super condition and has not been postally used.

Comes in good but used and dirty condition, should clean up nicely, measures 4inches long when closed. The wearing of this pin became a popular way for the Danes to show patriotism and resistance to the German occupation during WW2. It comes in very good condition, one very small flake on the enamel bottom left, it measures approx. Comes in very good condition and is A5 size. Map case shows signs of age and use. It is in excellent condition, no moth damage etc. Comes in good condition.

It shows various chaps taking part in the competition and receiving prizes. To accompany the pictures are four bronze medallions given as prizes, two are 'Astor County CVP', one is 'the bell medal' and the other a rifle clubs award, none are named. The medallions are all in good order the photos have yellowed over time and could do with re-framing.

The box contains balsa wood sections and full construction instructions, it will take a 0. The box shows signs of wear from years of storage but the contents are crisp and in very good order. Comes in good but used condition. A silver and enamel order of St John. Officer Serving Brother Brest Badge. This one was awarded to; J. Sumner on the 16th November In comes in lovely condition with no damage or loss to the enamels.

A classic piece of costume jewellery. A gilt metal leopard which looks like it is climbing and hanging on by its claws. Either way, a lovely retro piece. A small white metal badge, worn on the beret from to This one is in very good but used condition. It is a white metal plated badge with two pins on the back. A really nice pair which come in their original leather case and strap. A beautiful small size silver cigarette box with engine turned decoration on the top with a vacant cartouche to the centre.

Inside, the single compartment it is fully wood lined and it carries the hallmarks for Birmingham , both to the base and lid. The whole piece is in excellent condition, it has the odd pin head size ding here and there, but on the whole a great vintage piece.

A good clear photo with a full typed description on the back, measures 10 inches x 6 and comes in very good condition. It has a gold dial set onto a sail shaped piece of beech wood. It comes in good working order and it also shows the minimum working temperature in the office. Please see identical with black dial.

It has a black dial set onto a sail shaped piece pf beech wood. Please see identical with gold dial. The largest measures 6. To go with the medal also from the Royal Mint is stamped envelope with another centenary coin the relevant paperwork and certificate and additionally a Battle of Britain commemorative envelope complete with the signature of Lieutenant General Baron Michael Donnet a Belgian highly decorated pilot from WW2, I believe he signed the envelopes and they were sold to raise funds for muscular dystrophy at an event.

All items come in very good condition. The Franco Prussian war was a conflict between the Second French Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia, which was then a just a part of the northern states of Germany.

This medal was awarded to those of the French military who participated in the fighting. It comes in excellent condition and on its original ribbon, a very attractive medal on the obverse side showing the weapons used by the French at that time. A German carved wood match striker in the form of a tree trunk.

The trunk holds the matches and they can be struck on the base. A simple but effective piece measuring 3 inches high. Circa this type of ware has become known as Sunderland Lustre. It has a cream-ware body which has been embellished with pick lustre and a black print of the ship William IV. The pink lustre was produced by using a wash of gold oxide which when fired in the kiln turned into the wonderful iridescent pink. This jug, as with most comes in just fair condition.

They were used in taverns, inns etc so they were bashed about and basically used. Dammed this jug, there is no damage through the print, so on a shelf or in a cabinet, it still displays really well, and it is priced accordingly. It measures 5 inches high. It has a simple horn grip with a brass pommel and cross guard, terminating in a good steel, unmarked blade.

It comes in a later hand-made sheath and the condition of the knife is very good, all round. It has no damage, just some wear cause by use.

The blade has some very light pitting, which is old and now looks more like light staining. A really lovely piece which measures; A superb pocket Field Telescope, made of brass with mahogany main body, it comes in superb condition, a few spots on the eye lens which need cleaning but apart from that its perfect, it also comes in its original case. It measures 16 inches when fully extended and only 5. A wonderful quality circa leather clad military field telescope, it is made from brass with the barrel and sunshield covered in brown leather.

It is a three draw with a sunshield to the objective lens that when fully extended has a great telescopic range, all lenses are clear, there is a couple of fine chips to the last lens, this cannot be seen through the scope and in no way effects the viewing in any way. It is all here apart from one small screw.

The cylinder has still got a lot of its original nickel plating remaining and the bullet ejector is still present. This revolver is an obsolete calibre, so no worry about certificates etc. Restore or leave it as it is or it would make a good parts piece, but parts for these little guns are pretty easy to source. Please take a good look at the pictures for overall condition.

Ship to UK only. A great little Box Lock pocket percussion pistol with turn off barrel and a good little walnut slab grip. Overall it is in good condition, the lock needs some attention as it does not lock properly, so it is probably a little worn inside, it is what it is.

A very attractive little display piece to grace any cabinet. It measures 7 inches long. Shipping to UK only. A nice old cooper flask, very plain and simple, but good quality and in good condition. There a few dings and dents to the body, but no splits. Due to it having no decoration, it shows up every little fault. Still a good heavy piece of 19th century shooting memorabilia. It has a full through tang with two bone scales, these were decorated with cross hatching to the sides.

The grip also shows signs of wear. A lovely French late Victorian Bronzed Spelter figure of an old Mariner, he is looking out to sea, possibly at a ship being wrecked upon a reef, as he is ready to through a buoy from the craggy rocks on which he sands.

It measures 20 inches high. Given its age it is in good condition, the metalwork is perfect just needing a clean, there is a small loss to the leather on one side and general age related wear, it measures 6. A section of an old rifle sling comprising of a 13 inch piece of leather with the brass tuck buckle. What is here is in very good condition. Take a look at my pictures. It measures just over 7. Although the work is un-signed, as far as I can find, it is a nice quality piece in very good condition, measuring 32 x 25 inc.

A superb carved hardwood grip to a Burmese Kris dagger, it shows a deity sitting on a carved stool wearing a double sided mask. The quality of the carving is wonderful; as is the condition of the whole piece, please see the pictures as they speak for themselves. Comes in good but dirty condition, the new owner can decide whether to polish it up or not.

A large size powder horn made from a whole cow horn. It is a lovely slightly twisted shape and it is a very attractive bi-colour. What is nice, is it still retains its original stopper, this is also made from carved cow horn, and a leather strap to carry the flask. It comes in perfect condition with no damage, just a little wear and obviously age.

It is a Biggy measuring approximately 16 inches long. Mid Victorian Prattware plate showing the coloured printed classical scene to the centre, surrounded by a pink ground border with a printed gilt border to the rim.

At the time an incredibly difficult technique. This piece is in good condition with one fine hairline crack from the rim, this is not really visible from the front. Felix and Richard Pratt discovered or invented a way that coloured transfer prints could be fired under glaze.

Before this any coloured decoration had to be hand painted. This revolutionized the pottery industry; no long did that have to employ professional decorators to paint their wares. In addition, these coloured prints could be applied to low cost pottery as well as porcelain. Pot lids were highly collected in their day but when tin cans were widely introduced, this killed the potted goods industry.

A mid Victorian pot with its original Prattware lid. It is decorated with a scene of 18th century riders with their horses outside an entrance to a grand house.

This was probably originally a container for potted meat, so the base is quite stained and crazed. The Prattware lid is in excellent condition and has no chips, cracks or restoration. Every one of the printed designs had a name, and with a little research, the official name of this print could be found. Cavalier A good Prattware pot lid showing a Cavalier being made ready to mount his stead.

It comes in perfect condition and it is mounted in its original 19th century frame. It measures 6 inches in diameter. A good Prattware pot lid showing a Shepherd boy with his sheep and dog. It comes in perfect condition and it is mounted in its original 19th century wood frame. A lovely little relief moulded Ale jug, moulded with a hunting scene, horses, hounds and huntsmen.

Below this is exquisite engine turned decoration, leaving a checkerboard finish. Above the scene is a cobalt blue band which is carried on at the top of the handle. This piece is in excellent original condition. There is one small area of white on the rim, which escaped the cobalt blue and one very tiny chip to the underside of the spout. An unusual full size flask; it is made of tin and has been made in the shape of a woven basket with painted detail.

Obviously made for the less wealthy shooter, in its day. What is nice, it still has its original cork stopper. An interesting piece, measuring; 7. This part set comes in a delicate light wood box with a sliding lid, they are a miniature size measuring just 15mm long x 8mm wide.

The condition is excellent but a few are missing from the set, there are 22 in all one being duplicated. The larger bi-metal forage cap badge issued from to Due to this badges composition, it probably comes from the earlier period.

It is in good order apart from the wear on the high points of this badge, but it has been issued and well used in its day. It has a lovely tactile feel and a beautiful look.

It was taken by Abel Patureau of Bourges and comes in good condition. The second is of a French cavalryman, again in dress uniform and holding his sabre. This is in lovely order and taken by Emile Rat of Poitiers. A nice historic lot. They are all nicely marked on the inside and come in almost unused condition.

A great addition to any cold war collection. They both measure 7 x 4 inches. Given out to children in commemoration of the royal coronation which took place in the may of Here we have a mug and beaker, the mug being made by T. Green and the beaker by Newhall, both having the official design seal on the bottom. Both come in perfect condition The mug measures 3,5 inches high and the beaker 4.

A WW2 Volt and Amp meters, possibly from an aircraft or maybe from a military vehicle, a little research is needed. Both are in excellent original and undamaged condition. They would look really good mounted on a board for display. The small white metal eagle with black cloth backing worn by the regiment in different metals until This is a fine quality badge in all white metal which comes in perfect condition.

Most other sizes available. The latter two have some crazing in the glaze, and all three have the odd small chip to the bottom rims, but they are still in overall good order and make a great display. The largest measures; 3. Three 17th Century farthing trade tokens, one Scottish rose farthing , one for John Oundle of Northampton and one for Cambridge. The Rose farthing is about in the best condition you will find these days, the other two are worn but most of details on the coins is still readable.

Three interesting medals from communist China. Some call them Fantasy Medals, but they are not fakes, they were issued and awarded to the lower classes, or to foreign communist recipients, such as Korea etc. But still really interesting; china produced thousands of different examples of these and they are not unattractive.

I love them, and they are just another example, that you can collect fascinating militaria on a pocket money budget. All are in perfect condition. All of these books come from the cold war period and all have about the same amount of content, because I have so many and at this price it would be not cost effective to list each individually, so you get one from the top of the pile, 2 x mens and 2x Womens books, They are all in very good condition and would make an interesting addition to any collection.

Four vintage lead soldiers of marching Germans. Three have rifles attached to movable arms and one should be holding a sword, but this is missing. Apart from that they are all in very good but used condition. A very good quality WW1 era bi-metal badge which comes in excellent but used condition. Quite a rare find, but being sold as all one lot to clear. The two WW1 pieces have very light water staining but the three WW2 pieces are in pretty much perfect condition.

Five vintage lead soldiers all the same design, marching with a rifle attached to a movable arm. All are in good, used condition. A superb family group of medals and important personal effects all to the Marchant family of Hampshire. He was born in London, however in later censuses, he states his birthplace as Berkshire. He was raised by his mother Ellen as his father, John dies when he was two years old. He must have also have been in the navy, as his mother lives the rest of her life on a navy pension.

And one girl Jessie, who by the look of it remained her mother companion until she was a good age. Between and he relinquishes his commision in the Royal marines and takes a commision as Major with the Army Pay Department with the War Office. During the Great War he was still serving with the APD and attached to the South Staffordshire regiment; he saw service as a Major in Egypt but towards the end of the war he was discharged with a silver war badge, probably with sickness rather than wounds, but his SWB list does not state which.

He retired to Portsmouth, to be near the sea and john sadly dies in These are in very good original condition, with some contact marks from wearing. His officers cane, this has hallmarked silver mounts and yellow gold badges, the Royal Marines on one side and the Church Lads Brigade badge on the other. On Resigning his Command.

A wonderful Victorian oak framed photograph of Major John Marchant, in home service dress sitting astride his horse. On its own this is a scarce picture of an officer of the Royal Marine Light Infantry in full service dress, measuring; 22 x 17 inches and in excellent condition.

His Victorian 4-draw field telescope, which has his name painted on it in small black letters on the leather parts. Also here is his sword, a pattern Leve dress sword, Nickel plated with Nickel plated scabbard, but more about the sword later. Macnamara was born in Hertfordshire He is commissioned into the Royal Navy as Midshipman at the age of He was educated from that age at a Royal navy training establishment and his first posting was to HMS Albion in the August of as Midshipman.

In August , the Albion was mobilised and returned to the Channel Fleet, but was quickly sent to the Atlantic to help defend against the possibility of German warships breaking out of the North Sea.

She was transferred to the Mediterranean Sea in January , to participate in the Dardanelles Campaign and fight in major attacks on the Ottoman coastal fortifications defending the Dardanelles in March During these operations, Albion was damaged by Ottoman artillery twice, so in October , she was transferred to Salonika to support the Allied operations against Bulgaria through then-neutral Greece.

After this, she saw no further action and she was transferred back to Ireland in April , for service as a guard ship. The Vanguard had just been engaged at the battle of Jutland and Midshipman Marchant joined her while she was patrolling the North Sea for activity of German Ships. Shortly before midnight on 9 July at Scapa Flow, Vanguard suffered a series of internal magazine explosions.

She sank almost instantly, killing of the men aboard. Midshipman Marchant was one of souls lost. He is now remembered with honour at the Chatham Naval Memorial. It comprises of the general service medal correctly named to the above, with the Palestine clasp, and the war medal, unnamed as issued. Both are mounted on a brooch bar.

This comes with the original named and addressed box of issue with a ribbon bar, which has been taken from a uniform. Lastly the pattern Infantry Officers dress sword. This is the Levee type, totally for dress, a smaller lighter version of this pattern sword.

Ray skin covered grip with silver twisted wire and a plain, single fullered blade. It has a nickel plated steel scabbard with two hanger rings. This is in excellent original condition, it only real fault is the grip is missing a small piece of ray skin due to wear, please see pictures.

The scabbard is also in very good order, no rusting just a single shallow dent to one side. A truly fabulous lot to one family who suffered the loss of their eldest son during the Great War. Accompanying this group is several pages of research, census records, service papers, medal index card, etc.

But if inclined there is a lot more research to do on the major, his sons and grandson. I will not split this family group or sell the sword separately, I know it is worth more split into pieces, but it is important that it all stay together. Something a bit different to hold all of your military books. This pair of Medieval Knights can be used as book ends or hung on the wall. The tallest one measures 14 inches high and both come in perfect condition. One its class was involved in the Ilford rail crash of ; On 1 January , locomotive No.

Ten people were killed and more than were injured. This Pewter model comes in perfect condition and measures; 5. Riddles, built at Swindon in , withdrawn in Evening Star had an extremely short life span for a steam locomotive and was unexpectedly withdrawn from service in The locomotive was claimed for the National Collection in This Pewter model made by Royal Hampshire comes in perfect condition and measures; 6. It must date between the turn of the 20th century to before the first world war.

A lovely badge in perfect condition. It comprises of the Iron Cross EKII, a very good quality cross and due to the way it has been sewn on to the mount, it is very difficult to read the makers mark. Lastly is the WW1 Honour Cross for combatants, this is marked on the back G18; All three medals are in excellent original condition and come on their original court mounted ribbon bar.

The original silk ribbons are getting a little scruffy, but these the originals and the bar itself is untouched. A wonderful Great War German group awarded for bravery in the field. A wonderful WW2 era German army belt, the leather belt itself is marked with makers details and dated for The buckle is the standard German army issue and under the layers of grime it still retains a lots of its original paint. But without doubt the most interesting part of this belt is the badge and insignia collection that some German soldier has obtained on his journeys through the war; these include various shoulder strap insignia, pips, unit numbers, cap insignia, mountain troops edelweiss device.

A couple of items have suffered a little damage since it has been mounted on the belt, but all the other insignia looks in very good and untouched condition. There is a total of 25 pieces on the belt, including the buckle; what an amazing piece of WW2 German memorabilia totally as found and untouched. What a rare piece from my own collection, this straw weaved pith helmet was worn by the German nurses serving in North Africa during the Second World War.

The condition of this helmet is just superb and it comes with its original pagri and cockade, and it also it still retains its original liner inside. A wonderful piece of WW2 desert campaign history in near mint condition. A rare opportunity to purchase a Suffolk Volunteer Corps button, including is a large and a small example, made of solid brass by J. Gaunt which is marked on the reverse. Both pieces come in perfect condition and very nicely toned. Adjutant Generals Corps Female Lanyard.

Twisted cord lanyard worn by the female soldiers of the Adjutant Generals Corps. A scarce one to find. It comes in very good condition.

Afghanistan Medal to 12th Bengal Cavalry. A really beautiful medal, one of the best Victorian medals ever produced and when you see one in good condition, it is a joy to behold.

The 12th cavalry were one of the leading regiments in the battle of Kabul and the battle of Charasiab in and , the latter was the inspiration for the reverse of this medal; it shows the elephant battery of Artillery advancing through the mountains. This medal comes in lovely original condition, still showing wonderful detail to the reverse, however it does have a couple of edge knocks which are obvious from the obverse or queens head side, but from the other side, the side with the elephants, the knocks are not obvious at all, and this medal displays very well.

Air Crew Europe Star Replica. This medal comes in mint and unused. Each leaf has been painstakingly picked out with a small needle leaving behind a silhouette of trench life on the front line during the Great War. In this example we see wounded being brought back from the trenches, you can see the men wearing their Adrian Helmets and even the blanket draped over the soldiers body.

One man on a stretcher looks like he is wearing a Pickelhaube, maybe this is to show the medics caring for the enemy.

I have had them carefully mounted between two sheets of acid free Perspex, hopefully to keep them safe for another 95 years, I have never seen anything like it before and I doubt I will ever again, each is totally unique.

This one measures 10 x 7. The must have taken the man who created these wonderful pieces of art hours upon hours, and how have they survived for 95 years, the leaf is so delicate and thinner than a piece of tissue paper. This one measures 10 x 6 inches mounted. This leaf is a little smaller than the rest, here the artist has used an oak leaf which must has been a little harder to form, as the silhouettes on these leaves are a little less detailed.

In this example we see a machine gunner in his trench, this is also dated This one measures 8 x 6 inches mounted. In this example we see a soldier taking two enemy prisoners during a raid, below is the title which is a little hard to read but says something about a raid.

This one measures 7 x 5 inches mounted. Vincent who was an officer with the Confederate states army during the American civil war, the document covers probate court expenses, comes in very good condition and measures 8 inches x 5. Medals in the USA and dated this badge is a copy of the cavalry version for the army of the Potomac please see listing of Potomac medal for more info on the regiment.

American Civil War Eagle Medal Bar with Pin Some of the post American civil war medals had this style of metal eagle at the top, probably a private purchase item, so the veteran could wear his medal; this one is lovely quality still with good detail and a nice even patina.

American Civil War Era 8th Massachusetts Volunteer Shako Badge Worn by volunteers of the 8th Massachusetts militia on a shako type hat, this badge is made up in three layers, the main brass plate, a lead insert in the back and the number 8 pinned through. This is an original badge but sadly is missing the eagle which would have sat on the top.

There is evidence of old repairs on the back and it measures 2. American Civil War Era Confederate States Loan Paper This is a tiny piece of paper issued to the person loaning the Confederate states money to fund the war effort promising to pay interest on the loan given bet they never saw that!

The GAR or grand army of the republic issued many medals post war and this one could date from the 's - It comes in excellent condition with its original silk ribbon which is also in superb order. A very attractive and scarce medal. Comes in excellent condition and is a full sized medal. American Civil War Non Comm Officers Shoulder or Ammo Pouch Badge Here is an American civil war period solid and heavy metal non commissioned officers shoulder or ammo pouch bag Badge, it proudly displays the American eagle on the front; it fitted to the shoulder strap of the ammo bag; pictures online mainly show this type of badge being used by the Union soldiers and being made from brass, copper and lead, this example is I think lead as it is dense and heavy.

It has a solid brass hilt with a leather-covered grip bound with twisted wire. It has a very good steel blade with a broad and shallow double fuller. The scabbard is made of heavy gauge polished Steel, this has a few rust spots, which at this stage is easy to polish off.

The overall condition of the sword is excellent with no damage or rusting and the whole thing is quit a substantial piece. The sword comes complete with the sword belt; this is, again a good quality item, made from black leather with a heavy brass and white metal buckle. It comes fitted to the sword, so the whole lot is ready to wear or display.

The belt will fit up to a 48 inch waist. This is also stamped with an American makers mark. American Civil War Reenactors Sword. A very nice heavy quality sword.

It has a brass hilt and bound leather grip. The blade is made of good steel and single fullered. It has a well-fitting steel scabbard and it is here where the only faults appear. All in all quite a fine sword made for the reenactor market. A good original example of the brass oval brass belt buckle worn by the US army.

This one has at some point been broken on the right hand side and had sympathetic restoration. I am unsure if this was a battlefield pick up or a piece that has just knocked around for all this time, it has a deep crust of beautiful patination and untouched from the day it was discarded.

A super piece of Civil War history. An illustrated History of Bomber Aircraft A sizeable book fully illustrated detailing the history of bomber aircraft their origins and evolution, issued in with pages, comes in good condition. He was educated at Winchester and joined the RA in July He was promoted to Lieutenant July and Captain in the April of He served in South Africa from on special services where he was again promoted to the rank of Major. At this time he was commanding a battalion of Railway Pioneers at Villersdrop when it was suddenly attacked; Major John F Fisher was shot and mortally wounded on the 20th November History of this action and other research is included.

The Mandau is the traditional weapon of the Dayak of Kalimantan, Indonesia. In the past, the majority of the native people living in the island of Kalimantan, the Dayak, were animists in belief. Perhaps the most striking is their ancient tradition of headhunting practices. And it is also precisely for this purpose that the Dayak used the Mandau.

This one has a horn grip, the base bound with silver colour wire. It has a good steel blade with wrought decoration on the top of the blade and near the base on the underside. It has a carved wood scabbard bound with grass, the top covered with animal fur.

It comes in excellent condition, the grip has a good patina and the scabbard has no chips or knocks. I do not know also about these swords, but my research shows, this one seems a very good example.

It measures 29 inches long. It measures 17 inches on the longest side. It measures 14 inches on the longest side. The title says it all really, these are good original fittings used on the dray or heavy horses and probably date from the early part of the 20th century or a little earlier. The condition is very good on the brass and the leather, no damage, just a little wear. The lamp was designed by Charles-Joseph Pigeon in and was a non-exploding gasoline lamp, below is a brief history for Pigeon and the lamp.

This example comes in very good condition with its original glass shade, it stands 9. His invention and manufacture of the Pigeon lamp, a non-exploding gasoline lamp, in exhibited at the Exposition universelle de , made him famous and wealthy. Antique German Carved Antler Chamberstick Made I would think in the 19th century this piece is constructed from two sections of carved antler, the body chamberstick piece has a silver cartouche which has not been engraved and on the opposite side a carved deer figure which looks like ivory or bone, this makes me think that it could have been a hunting trophy, there is a detachable handle which fits into the side for carrying, it comes in good but used condition with a few chips to the rim, it stands just over 3 inches high.

Antique Scratch Built Spanish Galleon. Quite an impressive piece, this is a hand built Spanish galleon; it has a solid wood carved hull with has been hand painted and applied with details, it has stiff linen sails and it is well rigged, please see detailed pictures.

It measures; 26 inches long and stands 22 inches high. The overall condition is very good, it is quite dusty and could do with a light clean. Some of the varnish to the decking has puckered, but all this is due to age.

A good antique piece which would look magnificent cased and would increase its value many times. I have had a wooden shipping crate made for this ship, so it gets to you in one piece, this has been done free of charge. Antique Silver Cairngorm Agate Brooch.

A lovely circa sterling silver brooch set with six slices of agate and set with a large amber stone to the centre. It would have come under the small article rule during the turn of the century, so it is not hallmarked, but it tests as. It comes in very good condition, its only faults being it is a little dirty at the back and the silver catch is a little bent over, but no damage. It comes in a pretty gift box. It comes complete with its inner bobbin which still has thread around it.

To accompany the shuttle is a pointed wood handle tool, not sure of the use of this but as it came with the bobbin it can stay wit it.

The bobbin measures Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Glengarry Badge. Army Emergency Reserve Cloth Badge, An interesting screen printed cloth badge which has been cut but remains un-used and in perfect condition.

Comes in very good condition, there is a small ding in the silver and a couple of very tiny chips to the foot. It stands 4 inches high. Both prints are in very good order and look as if the backs have never been opened and still in their original frames which are now fashionably distressed, each measures 15 inches x An attractive pair of prints taken from the series 'officers of the British army' and dating I should think from the early to mid 20th century. The first is an officer from the '1st life guards' and the second an officer from the 13th Light Dragoons.

Both were printed by W. They come in very good condition, some light foxing to the paper, the measure 15 inches x This one comes on a white ribbon with red stripes for the military forces. This, a most underrated medal comes in perfect condition, no loss to any of the gilt surface and the original silk ribbon is still clean and free from damage, a real beauty. Austrian Franz Joseph Jubilee Procession medal An interesting little gilt brass medal, issued to all those who took part in the Jubilee Procession celebrating the 60 years of Kaiser Franz Joseph's reign There are a few variants of this medal, this is the scarcest, it was designed by Josef Heu and struck by Schneider Brothers, of Vienna.

It is in very good order, still retaining most of its original gilt finish; it comes on a piece of plain yellow silk ribbon, correct for all the other variants of the Jubilee Procession medal, but this particular variant had a half yellow half black ribbon. Austrian Military Service Medal. A scarce medal awarded for military service in the first Republic of Austria which was from to after which was a period marked by violent strife between those with left-wing and right-wing views, leading to the July Revolt of and the Austrian Civil War.

This is a large-ish bronze medal which is in excellent condition and it comes suspended on its original ribbon. This is the gilt bronze medal struck and given to military and some civil personnel to commemorate the jubilee of Franz Josef, emperor of the Austro Hungarian Empire. This one comes in near mint condition showing no wear to the gilt. This one comes in very good condition with slight wear to the gilt finish, but it comes on its original ribbon.

They are new and will come in a pretty presentation box. Considering health and hygiene, there is no returns on earrings. The condition of the piece is very good, there is one very light ding on the back, it could do with a clean and to be super picky is missing its elasticated band inside otherwise a super piece which measures 3.

Used probably as a sweetmeat or bon bon dish it has three ornate Nouveau style legs supporting the top dish, comes in very good condition, there is one edge knock ding and it requires a good clean, stands just under 3 inches high and is just over 3. Beautiful Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Topped Glass Jar This is a lovely piece, a fully hallmarked, silver topped, cut glass dressing table jar of a large size decorated with 5 cherubs.

When I saw this set, I just had to have it, it has all been so beautifully fitted into this velvet and silk lined case.

Imperial Kaiserlichemarine group awarded to a Senior Wireless Operator and Petty Officer 2nd class, which includes the Iron Cross 2nd Class, a rare gilt metal Senior Wireless Operator and Petty Officer II badge, this is complete with its backing cloth, the scarcer widows cross of the honour cross and a scarce Kaiserlichemarine Silver Wound badge all in wonderful condition, and as mentioned, all in this beautiful fitted case which, by the look was done a very long time ago.

Beautiful Mid 19th Century Yellow High Quality Gold Brooch This is a stunning gold brooch, made circa , it is marked on the back with a makers mark of ER and unusually with the gold grade of , the closest to this is 18ct but this is more likely to be carat yellow gold. Unlike most brooches in this style which are made from one piece of metal this brooch has been constructed from 2 pieces attached in the middle probably to allow the central section to be changed if required, it also has a very efficient safety clip on the pin on the back, all in all a top quality brooch which measures two inches long.

It comes with a period leather covered box. I love glass and my particular favourite is drinking glasses, now at capacity its time to let some go from my own collection. This pair of small drinking glasses probably for Sherry originally have been hand blown and hand wheel engraved, you can tell that this is hand work as one is very slightly taller than the other and the decoration is very slightly different on each glass.

The decoration is very fine work and includes fern and flowers and the pontil has been polished out and line engraved, which my pictures do not do justice. Standing just over 4. I'm not sure about this one, it is made from bronze and appears to be a Naval award of some kind, to the side which has the navy crest at the top is George slaying the dragon, on the reverse side is a rowing boat with 12 rowers and two men overseeing, in the background are two ships in the distance.

Very good quality casting and super condition it measures 1. It will be sent in a gift box. The WVS played a key part in the evacuation of civilians and children from urban areas, collecting clothing required for the needy, known as "Bundles for Britain", When troops returned to ports after the evacuation at Dunkirk, members of the WVS were there to greet them and hand out food, drink and warm clothing.

By the time of the Blitz, women in the WVS were adept at providing food and drink around the clock. While ARP wardens and firemen fought the fires, women in the WVS set up mobile canteens to keep them refreshed, thus placing themselves in serious physical danger with collapsing buildings a constant threat. When the raids ended, the WVS also played a part in looking after those who were injured and had lost their homes.

All three medals are in excellent condition and mounted on a brooch back bar to be worn. Blank Firing Colt Army Revolver - The Buntline Special Supposedly, the pistol carried by Wyatt Earp during his time as a law man and peacekeeper, but the only evidence of this was in the dime novels written by Ned Buntline, where this pistol got its name, I believe; nevertheless a revolver filled with Wild West legend.

It has a massive 12 inch barrel and the overall length of the gun itself is This one is a superb quality vintage replica that fires 44 calibre long blanks. It is made of heavy gauge metal with hard wood polished grips. The condition is excellent, just about perfect, showing very little or no wear to the surface and along one side it is stapped with; Cal Long Blank. MGC Manufactory; please see pictures. It is in perfect working condition, everything works well and the shell ejector is also working fine.

It is loaded with 44 cal inert solid brass replica bullets. This is a heavy gauge re-enactors example and not a toy, so proof of age required on purchase. Boer War Christmas Chocolate Tin.

A very good example of this tin, sent to the troops fighting the Boer war in South Africa, Christmas The top of the tin is in excellent condition with very little wear or damage to the printed colours and gilding, the cartouche of the queen still retains all of its gilt finish. On the back is the makers mark of R. Co probably Rogers and Co with the retailers name of Bravingtons.

Comes in very good condition with some light surface scuffs. To the front is a silver badge for the Sherwood Foresters Notts and Derby regiment, this regiment saw service in the Boer war campaign.

The vesta comes in very good condition given its age, there are a couple of dings, one on an edge and one on the base, the hallmarks are on the inside of the lid and unusually the lion passant mark is repeated on the outside of the lid. The brigade was used as an independent force dispatched to the Colesberg district, they were soon on the defensive against Boer raids once the cavalry were withdrawn to be used to use in the relief of Kimberly. They were assigned to defend an exposed position at the town of Rensburg where they met some very heavy fighting, the 2nd Wilts lost 14 men killed, 57 wounded, and more than a taken as prisoners, of which private Trimnell was one.

The Boers were even less prepared for prisoners of war than were the British. The first crop came in the first few days of the war, at Kraaipan. Most of the time the Boers just let their prisoner go after a couple of days, the Boers stripping the prisoners of their boots and equipment, those that were held were kept in pretty poor conditions in a barbed wire enclosure with little if no shelter and food and water were scarce so the handful of British prisoners that did die in captivity only 97 died of disease or wounds suffered in the action they were taken prisoner, unfortunately there is no record to say in which circumstance Albert Trimnell died.

It comes with the Boer war medal roll confirming his medal and clasp entitlement, his entry in the casualties of the Boer war list and the Boer War Prisoners - Soldier details. This one comes in excellent condition printed with a portrait of the general in dress uniform. It is made from solid brass with a white metal mouth piece and white metal regimental insignia.

It is in excellent condition for its age but this is a genuine military bugle so it has been well used, there are a few dings and dents, some light pitting and scuffing in areas but its main unique feature only found on Indian bugles is the turned bulge before the start of the bell.

Published in Germany in it tells the history of the Imperial German Navy and the involvement of the Kaiser. The book itself is in poor condition but it still has some interesting features; all of its coloured plates still remain, these are usually removed and framed, also it has a screw back imperial German U-Boat badge attached to the front, this was added after the First World War as a memento, no doubt. This book comes totally as found, some of the pages inside have come loose and a section of the back is missing, but it is untouched and still a rare find.

James Millin was born on 3rd January in Woolwich, London and served with the 3rd battalion Kings Royal Rifles and was posted out to Afghanistan This box was probably presented to him as a battalion award while training at the Chatham barracks in , just prior to his posting overseas.

This brass tobacco box has been well used, so there is wear and some damage. He probably carried all through the Afghan war and beyond. The engraving is worn but can still be read clearly, the back or the bottom of the box has seen many old repairs, so it could still be used. Ein Opfer soll bis zu Microsoft übernimmt per Gerichtsbeschluss die Kontrolle über die Domains.

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