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Life in Poland – What is it like?

Only question I have is whether you find a bus to the site and pay on the bus or if you buy a ticket from a ticket desk?

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I loved a good part of my life in Poland, and I can tell you the homeless population is greater in the USA. I live in Florida now and I think there are more people living in trailers than homes. Again, have you really seen the USA and how hard people have to work to achieve? A hard working smart person will do well in either country.

I mean I dare you to live in a town like Palatka, Florida. The town is not that bad but Polish people would be shocked. No one owes you a living or a good standard of life, you have to hack it out of the wilderness or economic jungle with your own hands and hard work.

The things you say about living in UK are totally untrue. You mention homes with gardens. Of course we have gardens and lovely homes. Our pay is good which allows us to buy nice things. No different to anywhere in the world including Poland. Poland is not as advanced as the rest of the world and this is why you see it as a sweet country. This was so helpful. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have been considering moving to Poland at the beginning of May and found this article incredibly helpful.

Im currently iving in Los Angeles and would love to make the switch to a cooler climate and simpler lifestyle. Also, is eating vegetarian difficult? Also, is it fairly cheap to take the train to visit different countries? Poland is safe, not a worry, US has a higher crime rate. Being a vegetarian in Poland is not an issue either. You can shop at upscale supermarkets or even local restaurants socializes in vegetarian menus.

Im Mariano from Buenos Aires, Argentina and moving to Wroclaw Poland in april to live and work as system engineer. I have Polish roots and aswell speak the language.

So happy to start this new adventure. If someone is planning move to Poland also to Wroclaw can connact me. Can You provide me the company name where You should work. I am asking because I have an offer, to. Bye and thanks, Masan.

Estudiaba en Cracovia y tengo muchos amigos en Wroclaw. I have really appreciated this article. Would it be possible to ask some personal questions privately? Thanks for sharing these different experiences. I agree that the country of Poland looks beautiful, however, so are many other countries in the world. The Polish woman that I have known have focused on money alot. I do not know what you are saying when you state that a Polish woman will not do this?

Also,it seems very narrow minded to state, why go to to a restaurant when your Polish wife can cook better. I have known two young Polish girls who have visited with me and they are not focusing on being wonderful cooks for their, if ever husband to be. I believe that the younger generation of Polish women are different than the past as with many other countries.

Hi Mark, I think your description of the Polish way of life was spot on. I am Polish and came to the U. I go back to visit my family every two years and have traveled extensively across Europe. I beg to differ as Polish people eat and entertain more at home then we do here in the States. For us here going out to dinner is a normal part of life, not necessarily a treat or a special occasion.

Now people are certainly doing better but the culture of entertaining at home has remained very strong. It would be offensive to my 20 something year old cousins if I wanted to go out to a restaurant as opposed having them cook and open their kitchen and living room.

You get deeper connections that way. The sad thing about women who do not cook in the USA is they do not know they are swindling themselves out of their own life pleasure. I like to eat and I do not want to waste a meal on a non organic microwaved dinner and in a year wonder where all the weight came from. If you are in Poland or America and eat organic food, not processes and not in restaurants you will not pack on the pounds like others.

There is also a pleasure in cooking, and sitting at the take at home and eating. I am so lucky that my wife believes the same things. Non-home cooked meals are something to be endured not enjoyed. They need a good education and a good job after. Would this be possible in Poland I think not. Its to far behind times. Its like the rest of the world as moved on but Poland has not.

I am not saying its a awful country but there is far better places to live. UK being one of them. I would rather live in Poland any day than the UK. The UK is overrun by people from all over the world who do not appreciate the culture and history of Europe. The UK has crime and drug problems and is decadent in terms of marriage and love. In Poland, you have basically a sweet life with all the modern conveniences without the hype and hysteria and decedent morals of Western Europe.

Most people I know have a garden and grow their own food and cook it, go to Church, get married and fall in love. As long as you have high speed web access how is life different almost anywhere in the world besides the people around you?

Almost all Polish women work full time so everyday cooking is not a reality of the most of the families. Microwaves are popular and so the packed meals.

There is also a plenty people who prepare huge amounts of food on weekends to refrigerate or froze them for eating later. And impressing a husband-to-be by cooking sounds silly. My parents were Polish immigrants to the USA. I have Polish citizenship and have lived there on three occasions. All my Polish relatives cooked amazingly well, delicious food, but the young women I saw in Poland were savvy, intelligent young women, working to make a good life for themselves.

But my wife like all the good wives I know, love to cook. Maybe it is a coincidence. The primary focus of any family is to feed the family and teach them morals.

Why is career and serving your boss better? My husband may be posted to work in Poland, is this a great place to bring up young children for a few years? My eldest has some asthma brought on by cold weather also, would this be something to be concerned about?

It all looks pretty. Life quality is high if you have an income in Poland. I recommend shopping at Alma which is almost like a Wholefoods market in Poland. It is a wonderful place to grow up. There is less crime then the West and the kids are gentle as I think the Christian nature of the country still is present. It is like life in the UK fifty years ago in that sense. This is my opinion but that is the way I see it.

There is so much to do and see and experience in Poland from a nature stand point, they will never run out of things to do, I also recommend something like Tatralandia in nearby Slovakia for a weekend away. Asthma, I am not a doctor so I am not recommending anything, but my daughter who is allergic takes mg of quercetin a day. We open the capsule and mix it with honey and spoon feed it to her. There are many other things that help I am sure. Remember Amazon and eBay delivers to Poland no problem, I use to buy things from the UK all the time, so you will feel no lack of homegrown consumption goods.

Also consider a good indoor air filter. We use the Airfree P I did a lot of research and this is one of the better ones, as you do not want an ionizer which has negative side effects. We also would have a scarf like mouth protection when it got real cold so the air inflow would be warmer before it hit out lungs.

Besides that Poland is a wonderful place and nothing to worry about in terms of life. Most things in life are a matter of getting use to it or taking the attitude that life is an adventure. Hi, we are in the very beginning process of adopting a little boy with down syndrome from Poland.

Do you know what orphanages are like in Poland and what the general attitude is toward those with special needs? You are doing a very great thing. Would the language be taught in schools? Would families have hired private tutors? Yes people did learn English in Poland in the s for various reasons, from relatives in the USA to commerce and general education.

I do not personally have statics as that would have to be researched. People focused on French, Latin, German. Russian was popular in the east of the country.

Only the most expensive private schools taught English. Although, the children attending such schools usually had private tutors teaching them French, English and often German at home. Nice blog and appreciate your attitude towards life — inspiring one. By the way, I am from India and will be moving with family of wife and 2. Which area I should prefer for stay? Someone suggested to find home in apartments rather than independent houses as apartment has better security?

Can I consider Poland safe for my family? Can you share list of good international schools sites and fees? Can you share areas which are good for my daughter — like having parks … What will be typical monthly cost of food, living and school fees?

My daughter is 2. Poland is safe and Indians have a good reputation around the world in terms of being peaceful people. In fact the more Indian you look the better as Arabs might not be perceived the same way in light of the recent migration.

I think you will be fine. Poland is very safe. You do not have to worry. I can not image and scenario you would be in any trouble. Cost of living can be researched here at numbeo.

I recommend being close to your work. If you are anywhere near your work which is the business district not only will your commute be short but it is more cosmopolitan and more things to do. I could name specificity areas in Warsaw, but my recommendation is live near work so you can even go home for lunch and be with your family.

Schools there are a score of International schools there. Again that will depend where you work. I heard from colleague that Ursynow is nice area and close to office as well. My office will be in Polecski business park. I am planning to find house in Ursynow — 30 square meter should be fine for me,wife and 2.

Can you suggest some guide on this area in respect to house rent,schools and transport connectivity and shopping stores for day to day things and shopping malls, any link? Also, wanted to know can I get balcony in houses as we have in india?

My daughter should join Nursery or playschool she will be around 3 years when she comes. How about schools in Ursynow and can I consider government school for her? Also if you can suggest polish language classes in near by , will be added advantage for my family.

In India I was having a experience of 6 years in Construction supervision and last salary drawn Euro per month with No extra perks. We are family of 3 Self, Spouse and son — 5 years After I land in Poland and completed my initial set up, 6 months later I ll immigrate my family. My question is what are you suggestion to adjust in that climate Especially for 5 yr Kid.

The cost issues is addressed in my other posts, but basically if you buy from the market unprocessed food, it is very cheap. I prefer Alma but Biedronka is cheaper. The Weather, is the main factor. You can adjust to anything.

Boston is full of Indian people. I am a Polish person living in hot Florida. Basically you need to dress warm and set your expectation that life is a bit different in Northern Countries. Do things like getting Vitamin D why walks in the park and do not be afraid to travel around Europe to compensate for the nice weather. Play chess indoors or join a Yoga Studio.

This is what I do up north. Take a trip to Tatralandia But besides that, my recommendation is many happy people live in the north. Just find indoor activities to occupy your time. I am an Australian born in Being a nurse I made friends with a smattering of older Polish people who have been patients or aged care residents in a hospital where I was working. Their stories from the war era and the concentration camps made me weep.

The stories I listened to about their escape experiences told of so much courage. But now I have recently read a little of the History of Poland. The book is simply titled: It has been a bestseller and is a blend of Fact and Fiction. I am now fascinated with Poland. Thank you Mark for interesting facts about living Poland today. I would love to visit this amazing country. My husband was born in Poland and still has family there so we visit regularly. Your article expressed my impression of Poland and the Polish people perfectly.

We will be going to Poland for Christmas this year our first time going in the winter and would like to take gifts for the children, ages 1 to Do you know if there are things from the US that Polish children might wish for?

Thanks again for an insightful article. I would be in Warsaw for summer vacation. I am a little bit nervous about how I should behave. If I should say Hi! I am a Portuguese girl and my boyfriend and I have a proposal to work in Poland. I admit, I am very afraid of not adapt to climate and polish culture. My sister tried to work and live in Germany and she can not. Can you give me some advice in order to prepare myself for this new journey in my life. I know that we and polish have a different culture and a way of living.

I am afraid that the hard winter depress. I am moving in one or two months. Do you think that I have time to adapt? Thank you for the article. You will love Poland, I hope. If you are going in the spring you will not have cold weather for another six months. The spring is lovely.

The food is more natural than in the West. The culture is similar to Portugal as it is Roman Catholic. In every new experience you will have challenges but Poland is a developed, educated country with a rich history. It will be different but everything in life is a learning experience. Travel is the best school there is. For the cold all you have to do is buy some good clothes, I recommend mountain climbing type stylish tight shirts and pants.

You know the type that retain heat and cool you if it is warm, with those new materials. That alone will mitigate much of the cold. You do not need to buy a lot of cheap clothes just a few good ones.

Look at the ones on Amazon for mountain wear. They ship to Poland of course. If you lack sunlight, take vitamin D or better yet Cod liver oil. Go to Saunas and the Slovakian mountains to the hot natural spas. There is a lot to do in the malls and indoor activities. Let me know if you have any questions about Poland or the cold. Hi, What are some educational issues that Poland has today?

I need it for a school project addressing school and educational issues around the world. Poland has an excellent classical education system with a rounded liberal arts education. It is hard to find issue with Polish education when compared to the USA for example.

The US public schools are a zoo, and a breading ground for poor choices like drugs. In contrast Polish education includes religion and has a cross in every room. If there was an argument against the method, it would be, too strict and a focus on memorization. Whereas in the US there is a large emphasis on building self confidence, Poland needs more of that.

My comment is very short: The life in Poland would be really nice if catholic church were delegalized. That what has been making life in Poland so miserable: Why so Poland would be like the West where everyone is a player and gets divorced and chases money to no end and takes drugs and commits random acts of violence?

I think I prefer the Polish way of freedom and capitalism tempered by a moral understanding of the world. I was born in Poland and raised Catholic, than we moved here. I never thought CC ruins the country,thou I am currently not practicing myself…what makes u think the Church ruins the country? I am Catholic and the values of love and family and children and life are better than the values of career and consumption.

I am moving to Poland for my Masters. I am afraid whether I need to learn Polish language to work part time? I hope they understand English and communicate as well in English. If Poland is so great and fantastic. Why do the polish that live in the UK and its a lot say the UK is the best!!! Why do they move to the UK? We are humans, donts care where, we are all the same, so the world is for all of us; so doesnt worry where the people lives, just cares the culture, and the polish one is amazing, just little different that latinos or british are.

That is the difference when you say it like that. But when you you talk of the British, like you do that can offend. Our Polish that live in the UK have a good quality of life which they like.

Like I said in a previous post, living in Poland is maybe OK but its not like living in a more modern society where there is opportunities for the young. Your way of life is a lot slower more traditional ways. But that does not help with the cost of living my son as a car a house a job a really good education. She is out working to give them a really good lifestyle and they are happy.

Its not a case of making do in this life. You have to move on to get what you want in life and Poland as yet to do that. For example, in the US I needed to do dental work for my family and it would have cost 5, dollars. The society is more peaceful and less violent in Poland with less divorce and people are more respectful to the old, instead of putting them in homes in the west.

Money is a little less in an absolute statistical average sense but what people do with the money. In Poland people spend more on cultural things in the UK it is often the pub and dinning. I could go on buy culturally Poland I felt was significantly richer and I have lived in both places.

I have heard there are only few jobs available in Poland and its hard to get. Can you please tell something how the Information Technology field in Poland or what is the best city to live in poland for IT guy.

I was born in Poland,left the country as a young girl. I have leaved in France and the UK for over twenty years, and then returned. Highly skilled foreign people will find that, the best places to leave and work here: There are many minorities in larger cities, so it is easy to make a connection with your own nationals- use internet to search for info. When I was a boy the Germans just destroyed everybody and everything. Poland bled and it was so sad. I am old now and wonder if the weather would hurt me?

I also wonder how expensive it would be to visit for a month. The weather is fine most of the year. I would say January and February are cold and most people stay inside or go to the mall, besides that it is mostly cloudy and moderate. I would go despite your age as it is a wonderful place.

Thanks for this article. I might be moving to Warsaw soon for my husbands work. One of the worries I have is finding things to do for my 2 year old.

What type of things is there to do during winter for a toddler? Children museums, English libraries, indoor pools? We did go to all of the above. Museums and libraries and shopping malls almost everyday, played chess inside. There are so many things to do in Poland in the winter. Just like in the USA if not more. Life does not stop, in fact because of the winter kids use their brains more in abstract ways. I live in Florida now and there is nothing to it.

You go outside all year around. In Poland it forces you to use your brain to be happy, so people seem more intellectual. Further the winter is not bad, you can take train trips to various towns and the weather in the world is so different now, often you get these long reprieves from the cold. I am an Indian single woman in my late thirties. While my experience living in Bombay, Bangalore and New York were very pleasant, experience in Pune — especially as a single woman was extremely traumatic.

Could you please let me know if it would be safe and if the Warsaw society will be acceptable of a single woman? Poland is safe for women. No question, most of my friends walk around in the city at night or at the very least take a tram. Is it a good idea to do so? My friend thinks moving to California would be a better idea, not just because I live there but also because of various reasons like climate, what to do there, places to go to, and other things.

Are the Polish people friendly to newcomers? Do they like to make friends and include them? Are the people in Poland like I described? Thanks a lot for your time and help in this. I think it is about where they would feel better culturally. Poland is romantic, snowy, dreamy and conservative. CA are mostly new families and lives exploring life on a superficial but also alternative level. You have to think about if they would be happier being in a cold but romantic place or a hot but post-modern society.

It can lead to a great isolation. However, living in Poland has a lot of advantages comparing to the US. She will get her residence permit which serves also as an unlimited working permit quickly and easily.

The public education is good and offers a full-time care free of charge. Even private schools are affordable. Pre-school education is cheap, good and widely available. Not to mention the costs of healthcare. How is the overall whether in Wroclaw. Is it harsh in winters We have a project in Wroclaw probably next month so considering moving there How long do Polish winters last?

Is it like Siberian ones or similar to the ones in UK? Polish Winters are cold but moderate. More like Boston in the USA. The difference is Wroclow does not get these big winters storms like the US, rather it is cloudy almost everyday in the winter and might flurry everyday.

It is the end of the Jet stream so it gets this moist air mixing with cooler air. Rarely does it get the Siberian express winds from the East but rather the moderated European winds from the West.

I am of Polish decent but lived my life in the USA. I was born in Evanston, Illinois a suburb of Chicago. If anyone has a chance to live in Poland they are very lucky and should do it.

I found that the more places you could live you really become much more educated. We survive off our Social Security and have a very nice home in Arizona. Citrus fruits grow all over Arizona and are free. I think groceries are very reasonable and so are beer and wines.

Our kids live in San Diego very expensive but hang out in the ocean and use float boards and our other daughter lives in Colorado cold compared to Arizona If I were single I would look for a woman who lives in Poland and live there and in Arizona if she were willing to do both. Give me the recipe. She used cabbage and pork and beans. I always admired the Country, what it has endured throughout the years and, in particular, its people. I visited the sub-Carpatian region twice and I only have good things to say.

I define Poland as one corner of the world where the family structure and faith are intact. And both values are important to me. A Nation without principles is a Notion. You have written a wonderful write up here. I was so excited to hear all of you remarks about your wonderful country. My grandmothers parents are from Poland.

I have always dreamed of going there my self. I was nervous about going then. How ever now every thing has changed for the better. I am very excited to visit and live in Poland. Do you think it would be hard for me to find a wonderful lady to marry at my age? You can fall in love at any age, what does age matter.

Poland is a Catholic country so just be aware that this means something to people. Hi I want to love to Poland with my Polish boyfriend. But I do not speak Polish is there a problem with jobs? My wife is from Poland and would like to move back. We live in the States now, and I teach theology and philosophy at a Catholic high school.

Do you have any insights on what a guy like me would be able to do in Poland? It seems like I would not be able to continue what I am doing now. You could do a lot from teaching English or what you do now. Remember English is the language of business. People I know that live in Poland do everything you can imagine from farming to business, but usually start with teaching, which is a nice middle class income.

If I were to move back I would look for work teaching initially but also on a field start growing things I did sell things in the market and then work in IT or something. If you speak English anything is possible. You can do AirBnB sell things on ebay. OK it is important, but not as much as you think. Religion is maybe a part of the people life living in the countryside, but not in big cities. Kindness and respect to older people is absolutely not related to religion, it is related to the way we were raised.

Most people in Poland were or are in a very good contact with their grandparents, as they were a part of their life while growing up. Not only Catholic people are respectful, it is something you learn at home and not in a church. This is a philosophical issue.

When people first depart from religions, for a while society stays in tact because of tradition. Then people start to swap partners on casual dating apps like Tinder, have children out of wedlock, divorce, terminate pregnancies, cheat a little here and there, in the USA people use opiates and children are not the priority rather career and chasing money with non religious people.

I have lived too long and traveled and lived in too many places in the world for you to convince me. In contrast my parents are married over 66 years, they are Catholic and I to be trusted. In contrast in Krakow, the non-religious people I knew had all kinds of problems the liberal media would not exalt,like many children being raised in one parent homes.

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