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Jahrhundert leiteten massive Hexenprozesse ein.


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Australischer Teenager hackt Apples Server. Schwerwiegende Sicherheitslücke macht WordPress-Websites angreifbar. Le aseguramos que nuestros anuncios sonapropiados y no intrusivos. The other marks could be a reference to the propellant, bullet type, date and month of manufacturing. Dear Visitor, Should you happen to have or know about a cartridge case which is dated before and have no longer use for it dislike brass polishing!

A cartridge case which has been transformed into a vase, lamp or any other shape socalled "trench art" is also more than welcome. The museum's collection can always use expansion. These lists were put together once we had established the origin of most of the cartridges we collected over the years, and we are very much aware that they are far from complete.

The other information which will help you to determine its origin are the shell's measurements base, bottom, top and sometimes neck diameter and full length. Please drop us a line if you happen to have additional information for us on the subject. Collecting socalled 'live ammunition' is in most countries forbidden. You need to have a special permit to do so check with your local police-station.

Illegal possession of ammunition is considered to be a criminal act. You might end up with a heavy fine, and the chance of going to jail not to mention the confiscation of your whole collection. Also take in consideration that in case of a fire your insurance-company might simply refuse to pay out. It is not worth the risk.

TOP Identification First of all you need to understand that every type of wapen has most of the time its own specific cartridge, either as complete unit or as separate parts: For determination we use two basics: Mauser 8 x Designed by Colonel Hiram S. Destinctive feature of this type of primer is that the anvil forms part of the cartridge case. A number of flasholes alongside it permits the ignition flame to pass from the primer cap to the body of the case which contains the main charge.

This type of primer is used in almost every military ammunition. This design makes use of an anvil which is a separate component forming part of the primer. The case itself has one single flas hole to allow the flash from the primer to pass.

More difficult to manufacture but can easily be removed thus allowing the case to be re-used more easily. Often found in commercial ammunition. A summary of some of the cartridges, shells and chargers currently in our collection. Lebel 8 x 51R, Model D with solid brass Ball D boat tail bullet post design with deep grove around primer to keep point from the primer when stacked in a tube magazine.

VII bullet with tracer. England K George Kynoch Ltd.


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