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Nach ein paar Monaten der erholsamen und kreativen Schaffenspause melden wir uns zum Abschluss des Sommers im Bunker zurück und bringen auf beiden Floors: In nur zehn Tagen wurden alle Songs geschrieben und aufgenommen. Niklas Worgt begann in den späten Neunzigern als Dapayk zu spielen. Auch veröffentlicht er auf karloff, textone, contexterrior, trapez ltd.

Die Arbeit am neuen Album begann im Sommer Es ist kein typisches Songwriter-Album, sondern das Ergebnis ist eine komplexe und anspruchsvolle Errungenschaft, kraftvoll und sensibel zugleich.

Turbo ACs endlich mal wieder Live in Aachen! Ein weiterer Meilenstein in der Geschichte einer Band, die in den vergangenen 22 Jahren ihren eigenen Sound geschaffen und sich von Beginn an eine weltweite Fanbase erspielt hat. Das Quartett Rikas steigt endlich in den Ring. Gepaart mit den wechselnden Hauptstimmen und durch die immer wiederkehrende Mehrstimmigkeit, entsteht eine ganz eigene Identität.

Im Laufe der letzten zehn Jahre hat er seinen eigenen Stil der innovativen Musik definiert, der jetzt den Weg für die nächste Generation von Produzenten ebnet. September via Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht. Dieser Release stellt das bis dato erfolgreichste Werk der Bandgeschichte u. Nachdem die Band kürzlich einen zweiten Abschnitt angekündigt hat, auf der sie u. Wir freuen uns wieder unterwegs zu sein und viele tolle Konzerte zu spielen, freuen uns auf unvergessliche Abende in der Fremde, mit alten und neuen Freunden!

Am häufigsten werden wir verglichen mit: So beschreibt die Band sich selbst. Nasty, das ist die härteste Hardcore-Beatdown-Band Europas — wenn nicht sogar der Welt und eine der Wenigen im Hardcore, die sich weder musikalisch noch optisch in eine Ecke drängen lässt, und das bereits über einen Zeitraum von nunmehr sechs Studioalben.

Sie veröffentlichten in ihr erstes Studio-Album und sind seit dem permanent on Tour! Sie gründen die Band , als Punk und New Wave die 70er hinwegfegen, lösen sich auf als die 80er zu sehr 80er sind.

Sie spielen Konzerte in ganz Europa, sind erfolgreicher denn je, ruhen sich nicht auf alten Lorbeeren aus und produzieren drei neue Alben. So eine vitale, energetische und intensive Post-Punk-Pop-Electronica Performance sieht man garantiert nicht alle Tage. B — Tight ist eine lebende Deutschrap-Legende, kompromiss-, aber nie humorlos, der sich die Frechheit herausnimmt, Dinge zu sagen, die zwar jeder denkt, aber sich keiner sonst zu sagen traut..

Lyrics, Flow, Live performance — alles stimmt. Route in Baton Rouge remains open with its Alamo Plaza Restaurant now gone, its pool filled in, its original color scheme painted over, its front desk behind bulletproof glass, and its rooms infested with roaches and vermin. A magnet for criminal activity, police are summoned daily. The association felt that the term 'lodging' more accurately reflects the large variety of different style hotels, including luxury and boutique hotels, suites, inns, budget, and extended stay hotels.

In the late 20th century, a majority of motels in the United States came under the ownership of people of Indian descent, particularly Gujaratis [40] [41] as the original "mom and pop" owners retired from the motel industry and sold their properties.

However, some families still kept their motels, and to this day, one can find a motel that is owned by the same family who built and ran it originally i. Amenities offered have also changed, with motels that once touted color television as a luxury now emphasizing wireless Internet, flatscreen television, pay-per-view or in-room movies, microwave ovens, and minibar fridges in rooms which may be reserved online using credit cards and secured against intruders with key cards which expire as soon as a client checks out.

Long-time independent motels which join existing low-end chains to remain viable are known as "conversion" franchises; these do not use the standardized architecture which originally defined many franchise brands.

While many former motel chains left the low-end of the market to franchise mid-range hotels, a handful of national franchise brands Econo Lodge , Travelodge, Knights Inn and Magnuson Hotels lowest tier M-Star [43] remain available to owners of existing motels with the original drive-up-to-room motor court architecture. Most of these establishments, previously called motels, may still look like motels but are now called hotels, inns, or lodges.

In the early to mid s, much original s roadside infrastructure on now-bypassed U. Preservationists have sought to list endangered properties on various federal or state historic registries, although in many cases a historic listing gives a building little or no protection from alteration or demolition.

The Oakleigh Motel in Oakleigh, Victoria , Australia , constructed using Googie architecture during the Summer Olympics as one of the first motels in the state, was added to the Victorian Heritage Register in Route 66 motel in New Mexico. It was demolished in Louis, Missouri , on the National Register of Historic Places failed to prevent a demolition, one of the cabins survives as part of an exhibit at the Museum of Transportation after being painstakingly dismantled by volunteers for relocation.

The plight of Route 66 , whose removal from the United States Highway System in turned places like Glenrio, Texas and Amboy, California into overnight ghost towns, has captured public attention. Route 66 associations , built on the model of Angel Delgadillo 's first association in Seligman, Arizona , have advocated preservation and restoration of the motels, businesses, and roadside infrastructure of the neon era. To many small towns bypassed by Interstate highways, embracing s nostalgia and historic restoration brings in badly needed tourism dollars to restore sagging local economies.

Many vintage motels, some dating to the cabin court era of the s, have been renovated, restored, and added to the U. National Register of Historic Places or to local and state listings.

While some modern amenities such as wi-fi or flatscreen TV may appear in the newly restored rooms, exterior architecture and neon highway signage is meticulously restored to original designs. The early motels were built in the southwestern United States as a replacement for the tourist camps and tourist cabins which had grown around the U. In Australia and New Zealand, motels have followed largely the same path of development as in Canada and the United States.

Motels gained international popularity in countries such as Thailand, Germany, and Japan but in some countries the term "motel" now connotes either a low-end hotel such as Hotel Formule 1 in Europe or a no-tell motel.

As in the U. In Canada's climate, these sites were effectively unusable outside the high season. Because cabins and camps were ill-suited to a Canadian winter, the number and variety of motels grew dramatically after World War II, peaking just before freeways such as Ontario Highway opened in the s.

Due to Canada's climate and short tourist season, which begins at Victoria Day and continued until Labour Day or Thanksgiving , any outdoor swimming pool would be usable for little more than two months of the year and independent motels would operate at a loss or close during the off-season. By the s, motels were losing ground rapidly to franchises such as Journey's End Corporation and the U. The section of Highway 7 between Modeland Road and Airport Road, known as the "Golden Mile" for its plethora of motels and restaurants was bypassed once Highway was completed in , however the Golden Mile still retains points of interest such as the Sarnia Airport and Hiawatha Racetrack and Waterpark.

Much of Canada's population is crowded into a few small southern regions. The original concept of a motel as a motorist's hotel which grew up around the highways of the s is of American origin. The term appears to have initially had the same meaning in other countries, but has since been used in many places to refer either to a budget-priced hotel with limited amenities or a love hotel , depending on the country and language.

The division between motel and hotel, like elsewhere, has been blurred, so many of these are low-end hotels. In France, motel-style chain accommodations of up to three stories with exterior hallways and stairwells are marketed as "one-star hotels".

The use of "motel" to identify any budget-priced roadhouse hotel Rasthaus , Raststätte also exists in the German language; some French chains operating in Germany such as Accor 's Hotel Formule 1 offer automated registration and small, Spartan rooms at reduced cost. In Portuguese, "motel" plural: These rooms are available for as little as four hours, and minors are excluded from these establishments. A similar association of "motel" to short-stay hotels with reserved parking and luxury rooms which can be rented by couples for a few hours has begun to appear in Italy, where the market segment has shown significant growth since the s and become highly competitive.

In Central and South America, a "motel" in Mexico, "Motel de paso" is an establishment often associated with extramarital encounters and rented typically for a few hours 15 minutes to 12 hours. In other Spanish-speaking countries these establishments have other slang names like "mueble", "amueblado" "furniture", "furnished rental" or "telo".

In the Dominican Republic, "cabins" named for their cabin-like shape have all these amenities such as jacuzzi, oversize bed and HDTV but generally do not have windows, and have private parking for each room individually. Registration is handled not in a conventional manner but, upon entering the room, by delivering a bill with the registration through a small window that does not allow eye contact to ensure greater discretion.

The connotations of "motel" as adult motel or love hotel in both the Spanish and Portuguese languages can be awkward for U.

Many auto camps were used as havens and hide-outs for criminals of the s; Bonnie and Clyde had a shootout in the infamous Red Crown Tourist Court near Kansas City on July 20, Edgar Hoover a denunciation of tourist courts as bases of operation for gangs of desperadoes, claiming that "a large number of roadside cottage groups appear to be not tourist camps but assignation camps" and alleging that "marijuana sellers have been found around such places.

There is today a new home of crime in America, a new home of disease, bribery, corruption, crookedness, rape, white slavery, thievery and murder. There are few major cases in the FBI involving an extended pursuit in which the roadside crime-nest is not responsible for some form of easy lawlessness, for providing convenient hide-outs, for concealing criminals through loose registration regulations Many of them are not only hide-outs and meeting places, but actual bases of operations from which gangs of desperadoes prey upon the surrounding territory The files of the FBI are loaded with instances of gangsters who have hidden out in unregulated tourist camps, while officers combed the country for them.

There is no regular checking of the registers by detectives — often there are no registers at all, or merely ledgers filled with indiscriminate scrawls and an endless repetition of 'John Smith and wife' Hence the terse order that goes out daily to law-enforcement agencies when criminals are on the loose: Ultimately, efforts to curb the unconstrained growth of tourist courts were futile as motor courts as motels were called in the s and s grew in number and popularity.

Motels have served as a haven for fugitives in the past as the anonymity and a simple registration process helped fugitives to remain ahead of the law.

Several changes have reduced the capacity of motels to serve this purpose. In many jurisdictions, regulations now require motel operators to obtain ID from clients and meet specific record-keeping requirements. Credit card transactions, which in the past were more easily approved and took days to report, are now approved or declined on the spot and are instantly recorded in a database, thereby allowing law enforcement access to this information.

Motels which allow a room to be rented inexpensively for less than one full night's stay or which allow a couple not wishing to be seen together publicly to enter a room without passing through the office or lobby area have been nicknamed "no-tell motels" due to their long association with adultery. The least costly motels sometimes serve as temporary housing for people who are not able to afford an apartment or have recently lost their home.

While conventional apartments are more cost-effective with better amenities, tenants unable to pay first and last month's rent or undesirable due to unemployment, criminal records or credit problems do seek low-end residential motels because of a lack of viable short-term options.

Motels in low-income areas are often plagued with drug activity, street prostitution or other crime. Some correctional officials temporarily place newly paroled convicts into motels if upon release they have nowhere to stay. In the s and s, individually owned and operated motels offered travelers an eclectic, economical array of relatively safe lodging options. In the s, corporations such as Holiday Inn and Howard Johnson's sought to capitalize on the growing national travel market by offering consumers brand-name, standardized lodging.

The interstate highways built in the s and s favored the chains by essentially re-routing motorists away from the older, independent establishments, many of which were located along ageing roads that ran parallel to—but were difficult to access from—the new interstates.

In some cases, major motel chains built their properties right at the interstate exits; motorists seeking independent motels had to bypass the chains and venture farther from the interstate to find them. The smaller, non-chain motels had difficulty competing with the large national chains under these circumstances. To survive economically, they began catering to the lower end of the market; some turned into adult motels, while others served as housing for low-income people.

Unable to afford upkeep, many of the formerly quaint motels deteriorated and became havens for crime and disorder. Motels with lax security in bad neighborhoods attract disturbances including guests who will not leave or pay , robbery, auto theft and theft from rooms or vehicles, vandalism, public intoxication and alcoholism, drug dealing or clandestine methamphetamine laboratories, fighting, street gang activity, pimping and street prostitution or sexual assaults.

Originally built to accommodate the adventurous traveler of the s and s, motels were marketed as driver-friendly—motorists could drive right up to their rooms. Ironically, what was originally a selling point is now one of the most detrimental aspects of motels, from a crime prevention standpoint. Direct access to rooms allows problem guests and visitors to come and go without being seen by motel personnel.

Regardless of size, motels with unimpeded pedestrian and vehicle access to rooms can be difficult to manage, and may have a relatively high number of service calls if they serve a risky clientele.

As severe unlawful conduct issues impact the neighborhood as a whole, [68] some municipalities have adopted a nuisance abatement strategy of using public health and fire safety violations or taxation laws as pretexts to shut down bad motels.

The Beginning , sequels to the film, also feature the motel, as does Gus Van Sant 's remake of the original film. A comedic television movie Bates Motel and the television series Bates Motel , a prequel to the films, both use the name of the motel as a title. The scenario of an isolated motel being operated by a serial killer, whose guests subsequently become victims, has been exploited in a number of other horror films, notably Motel Hell and Mountaintop Motel Massacre More recently, the genre has been revived with such films as Mayhem Motel , Murder Inn , Vacancy , and its direct-to-video prequel , Vacancy 2: The First Cut Several of these horror films also incorporate the sub-theme of voyeurism, whereby the motel owner spies on or even films the sexual exploits of the guests.

This plays on the long-established connotations of motels and illicit sexual activity, which has itself formed the basis for numerous other films, variously representing the thriller, comedy, teen film, and sexploitation genres. Apostolof's Motel Confidential and the porn film Motel for Lovers were two notable early examples. In countless other films and TV series, the motel—invariably depicted as an isolated, run-down, and seedy establishment—has served as the setting for sordid events often involving equally sordid characters.

In TV's The Simpsons , the Sleep Eazy Motel signage displays its name with missing neon lighting segments, "Sl e e p-E azy Motel", a sleazy motel advertising hourly rates and adult movies.

The cockroach motel and no-tell motel stereotypes continue with various motels in the series, including the Happy Earwig Motel and Worst Western. In the Pixar animation Cars , a clientele of solely anthropomorphic vehicles requires all hotels be motels where clients drive directly to their rooms; clever allusions to real Route 66 motels on the U. National Register of Historic Places abound.

Glenrio once boasted the "First Motel in Texas" as seen when arriving from New Mexico or "Last Motel in Texas" the same motel, its signage viewed from the opposite side. Unlike most of Fleming's work, this storyline does not appear in any of the James Bond films. In computer gaming, Murder Motel was an online text game by Sean D. Wagle, hosted on various dial-up bulletin board systems s, originally Color64 , ported to various other platforms. The object was for each player to attempt to brutally kill all fellow guests in each room of a motel using a variety of weapons.

In theatre, the seedy motel room has been the setting for two-hander plays such as Same Time, Next Year and Bug Both were later adapted as films. The British soap opera Crossroads was set in a motel in the English Midlands which was originally based on American-style motels with chalets but later was transformed into a luxury country hotel.

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