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Spionage-Apps im Mac App Store aufgetaucht

Cyber-Kriminelle verbessern ihr Werkzeug und steigen auf neue Angriffstypen um. Nachdem die Open-Source-Community gegen restriktive Lizenzbestimmungen protestieren, die unter anderem ein Benchmark-Verbot beinhalteten, hat Intel nun nachgegeben. Das Plug-in überwacht browserseitig die sichere Ausführung von Webprotokollen. Sie gehört zu einer zielgerichteten Spionagekampagne.

Die Verteilung erfolgt über eine legitim erscheinende Porno-App. Derzeit nehmen die Hintermänner überwiegend Ziele in Israel ins Visier. Die Kampagne ist Bitdefender zufolge weiterhin aktiv. Betroffen sind die Versionen CC und Ein Angreifer kann auch ohne Wissen des Nutzers Schadcode einschleusen und ausführen. Angriffe auf die Lücken hält Adobe für unwahrscheinlich. Die Hintermänner sammeln in nur zwei Wochen mehr als Ein Opfer soll bis zu Microsoft übernimmt per Gerichtsbeschluss die Kontrolle über die Domains.

Neue Regeln sollen Entwicklern und Anbietern helfen, einer fälschlichen Erkennung ihrer Software vorzubeugen. Microsoft empfiehlt unter anderem die Signierung von Installationsdateien.

Der auffälligste Trend in den Statistiken des ersten Quartals Angeblich erbeutet er 90 GByte Daten. Apple dementiert eine Kompromittierung von Kundendaten. Seine Taten bescheren dem Jugendlichen angeblich einen gewissen Bekanntheitsgrad in der internationalen Hacker-Community. According to a new survey, for the average person, this occurs at 9: People are finally fully awake!

The average person will use 19 different ones of these in their lifetime… A: When it comes to pampering ourselves during the winter months, this was the 1 choice of adults… A: Sitting by the fire BAQ: Drive to work BAQ: Tags still on new clothes BAQ: There are about one septillion 1 followed by 24 zeros!

In a survey women said ice cream was their 1 comfort food. For men it was this … A: It is estimated that 1 in 12 will never have this happen to them… A: When this profession first came along, one of the required tools was a fly swatter… A: Get rid of what? Thursday, January 14, MMB: Only 1 in 10 people are able to do this in the morning… A: Wake up without an alarm BAQ: A picture someone posted on them on social media BAQ: The average person ate of these last year… A: This is the 1 thing that makes dads angry… A: People leaving the lights on BAQ: According to a new study, the average health kick only lasts three weeks and four days.

What is most likely to kill your diet… A: Money Magazine put together a list of the top 10 most awkward money moments. Asking your boss for a raise! According to a popular magazine, you should never do this just before going to bed… A: Wednesday, January 6, MMB: A survey by Weight Watchers reveals that the average woman will do this 8 times a day… A: What is the most commonplace to find loose change… A: Subconsciously, this will make you more likely to order a dessert at a restaurant… A: Before a person turns 40, they will have owned 30 of these… A: Kiss their pet BAQ: This occurs more in the first week of the new year than any other time… A: People getting fired BAQ: The average person does this three times a year… A: A recent survey found this to be the 1 complaint of the holidays… A: Too cold in the house BAQ: Sneak a peek at their gifts!

Wednesday, December 16, MMB: Spending more money on gifts for their pets than on their children! Come to work with a hangover! Tuesday, December 15, MMB: A new survey found this is the 1 item that will be regifted… A: Wanting to know how much the gift cost BAQ: Let their dogs join them at the table for dinner BAQ: For the average person it take 4 months to do this … A: One third of women say they will have no problem doing this over the holidays… A: Buy and wrap gifts for themselves to make sure they get what they want Tuesday, December 1, MMB: Half a million Americans do not have this common item in their home… A: Actually enjoy it BAQ: Attend two or more celebrations BAQ: Going to bed early BAQ: Moved away from their hometown BAQ: According to a new study, the key to a happy relationship is to saying this to your partner on a regular basis… A: Taking a smoke break BAQ: Half of all women judge potential partners on how they respond to this … A: Given themselves a bad hair dye job BAQ: Crumbs in the bed BAQ: Will not travel BAQ: Eat ice cream BAQ: A new survey asked people what they hate the most about the winter.

This came in at 1… A: In a recent survey of hospital emergency rooms, this was found to be the 1 household cause of injury due to intoxication… A: Stalling going to bed BAQ: Stay-at-home moms do this more than anybody else… A: Drivers license photo BAQ: The average person does this 6 times a day… A: Talk to themselves BAQ: Cell phone bettery died BAQ: Turned their clocks ahead one hour BAQ: Wear the same costume as last year BAQ: A recent survey asked people what kind of stuff they keep in their junk drawer.

The 1 item was rubber bands. What item was 2? Sales of these have increased over the last couple of years due to nostalgia and their low price… A: Pluck his eyebrows BAQ: Time Magazine analyzed web searches about our fears. Give him the silent treatment BAQ: The average person spends an hour a day doing this … A: It is poor etiquette to eat this in more than 5 bites… A: New York City has just released pumpkin spice this … A: Naturally red hair BAQ: Lingering student debt BAQ: A study of single adults found that most women have 4, while men only have 2… A: They needed more sleep BAQ: A woman will do this, on average, 4 times more often than a man in their lifetime … A: Go to the doctor!

Women are more likely than men to ruin a date by doing this … A: Bringing a friend along! Tuesday, October 13, MMB: Quote a movie BAQ: Becoming a vegetarian BAQ: What they named their kids BAQ: Watch a chick flick BAQ: They found we do this 4 times a day… A: Pick our nose BAQ: They found we do this 80 times a day… A: According to a recent survey, 1 in 6 Americans will call this person today… A: Tow truck driver BAQ: Men burn calories doing this- Barry will be doing this tonight… A: A lot of people are addicted to their smart phone.

A jar of pickles BAQ: The average American goes through of these a day… A: About , Americans still pay to use these- which we saw everywhere for a while… A: When it comes to our yards this is the 1 complaint our neighbors have about us… A: Too much cologne BAQ: Pumpkin spice latte BAQ: Politcal party affiliation BAQ: According to a recent survey, this is the 1 thing in our home we have too much of… A: The average American eats of these a year… A: On average, men buy 3.

We spend 12 to 13 times the value of one of these trying to get it… A: The average woman has 6 of these a month… A: Bad hair days BAQ: This travels at 10 feet per second… A: According to research, you will fall asleep faster if you do this… A: It takes twice as long to do this on Mondays comapred to other days of the week… A: Decide what to have for dinner BAQ: Go outside and throw a football BAQ: Go on a first date BAQ: A recent survey found that french fries are the most addictive snack food.

This happens to 6. The average American does this 22 times a day… A: Opens the refrigerator BAQ: Ketchup MM 2 Q: According to a new survey, the average person wasted 22 hours of their summer because of this… A: Hangovers MM 2 Q: People who bring reusable bags to the grocery store are more liekly to buy this… A: Junk food MM 2 Q: Almost million of these will end up in landfills this year… A: According to a new survey, coffee brewing is our favorite smell.

What topped the list as the smell we hate? Cigarette smoke MM 2Q: A new study found the average woman spends almost two years of her life doing this… A: Putting on makeup MM 2 Q: Toilet paper MM 2 Q: Play games on their phone MM 2 Q: Coupons MM 2 Q: It has been found that having 10 or more of these where you live can make you feel 7 years younger… A: Unframed posters MM 2 Q: Leaving change in vending machines MM 2 Q: Golf clubs MM 2Q: A new survey found the top ways people spend their lunch breaks at work.

Taking a nap MM 2 Q: Wax a hard to reach place MM 2 Q: Bad views from the hotel MM 2 Q: According to the National Academies of Science, over 7, people die each year because of a doctor doing this… A: Using sloppy handwriting Friday, August 14, Q: What do women want to hear? Wednesday, August 12, Q: Tuesday, August 11, Q: The pain and suffering Monday, August 10, Q: These are the most regifted item… A: Candles Friday, August 7, Q: Margarita Thursday, Thursday, August 6, Q: They never get wet Tuesday, August 4, Q: A survey of tattoo artists found the top 10 body parts that are the most painful to get a tattoo.

What came in at 1? Head Monday, August 3, Q: Work on their car Friday, July 31, Q: Shopping carts Wednesday, July 29, Q: To exit the plane first Tuesday, July 28, Q: A dating website Monday, July 27, Q: Soda Friday, July 24, Q: A new survey found the average person only knows 5 of these by heart… A: Recipes Thursday, July 23, Q: Walking Wednesday, July 22, Q: The average person does this 2,, times in their lifetime… A: Swear Tuesday, July 21, Q: About 78, of these are stolen from cars each year… A: Airbags Friday, July 16, Q: Bought them pet health insurance Thursday, July 16, Q: A welcome mat Wednesday, July 15, Q: This came in at 5… A: A new study looked at the tattoos people are most likely to get removed.

A dolphin Monday, July 13, Q: Alcohol Friday, July 10, Q: More workers do this in the first 2 hours of the work day than at any other time of the day… A: Actual work Thursday, July 9, Q: Moms who do this around the house have daughters who tend to be more successful later in life… A: Nag Wednesday, July 8, Q: According to a new survey, this is the most common food people eat directly out of its container… A: Ice cream Tuesday, July 7, Q: A sibling Monday, July 6, Q: What tops the bragging list of good deals?

Getting a bargain price on a vacation! Tuesday, June 30, Q: Monday, June 29, Q: Order dessert while dining out! Friday, June 26, Q: Census data reveals that the average American spends 43 minutes a day socializing and communicating. We also spend 43 minutes a day doing this… A: Taking care of and helping other people Thursday, June 25, Q: Sunglasses Wednesday, June 24, Q: Sing along to the music on the radio, specifically, the music on Tuesday, June 23, Q: Television shows Monday, June 22, Q: His taste in music Friday.

June 19, Q: A new survey asked people what skills or life lessons they learned from their dads. Gardening Thursday, June 18, Q: A tie Wednesday, June 17, Q: Chewing gum Tuesday, June 16, Q: Gone to a tanning salon Monday, Monday 15, Q: According to a social psychologist, couples who do not complain about this tend to have better marriages… A: Flatulence Friday, June 12, Q: Messy room Thursday, June 11, Q: The average woman will only wear an outfit 7 times.

According to a survey, what is the 1 thing that will put you in a bad mood in the morning? Spilling food or drink on our clothes Tuesday, June 9, Q: Tight jeans Monday, June 8, Q: Change our password Friday, June 5, Q: Until they kissed for the first time Thursday, June 4, Q: Chewing ice Wednesday, June 3, Q: Stand Tuesday, June 2, Q: According to a new study, this could be making you gain weight on your daily commute… A: Sound of traffic Monday, June 1, Q: A microwave Friday, May 29, Q: What came in at number 1?

Gossiping about other coworkers Thursday, May 28, Q: If you do this for a living, according to research your chances of having a heart attack doubles. What is the profession?

Cab driver Wednesday, May 27, Q: What is the number one thing a woman can say to start a fight with her husband? What is the number one thing that get us most aggravated at our coworkers? Burp at the table Friday, May 22, Q: Women are more than twice as likely as men to do this good deed… A: Allow someone to cut in line Thursday, May 21, Q: Checking the mail Wednesday, May 20, Q: Take a bath Tuesday, May 19, Q: Call someone Monday, May 18, Q: How to unclog a toilet Friday, May 15, Q: Speeding ticket Thursday, May 14, Q: Gone to a concert Wednesday, May 13, Q: Contact lenses Tuesday, May 12, Q: Quitting our job Friday, May 8, A survey asked people what they are afraid of in their own home and this came in at 1….

A new survey found that Americans spend an average of 23 minutes a day doing this…. Americans throw away of these every second. That equates to 49 million per day. Women need 6 of these and men need 4 before they are satisfied…. What is the most common thing people pack?

A bit more than half of American workers wish their employers provided a better quality of this…. A new study asked people to name all the big reasons they used to skip working out. What ws the 1 reason? Six percent of people who post on social media regret posting this the most…. A new survey found that the average family has fights a year over stupid, little things.

What was the 1 thing they fight about? One in 6 people do this when they go through a fast food drive-thru…. Sixty-one percent of female executives say a person with this in their background has a better chance of being hired…. A new Harris Poll asked people what they think about self-driving cars. Twenty-four percent of people said they were most looking forward to this….

Three out of 5 people do this activity in a hotel room. A new study out of University College London found the trick to getting people at work to tell you secrets or gossip is to…. One in 6 married men do this many times a year without telling their wife. According to GQ Magazine, the average man has 11 of these and the average woman has 5…. Stomach came in at number 1, what came in at number 2? Experts say this is a good time to hold your breath for 3 or 4 seconds…. The top 5 places where we shamefully eat our secret chocolate are: In a recent study people were asked to describe their spouse in one word.

In a survey with Match. About half of Americans have this for dinner once a month, but for households with children it is at least twice a month…. Super Bowl weekend is the slowest weekend of the year for this ….

In a recent survey, adults were asked to list the things that they worry about the most. What was the top concern? This is came in at 1…. And more than half of them have admitted to lying about this…. A recent survey found the average person gets 36 emails each week at work. The top three people look forward to getting are: What was the other? What was the number two reason? If this happened to you at work, it would more than likely be on a Monday and in September ….

In a survey of people over the age of 50, this was number three on their list of biggest regrets…. What is the number one thing people hate about holiday gift shopping? Apple pie is the popular pie of choice for Thanksgiving. What flavor is second? We sat down in a chair and broke it! More of these occur on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year.

Women are more likely to do this in the presence of a man they find attractive than at any other time. A recent survey of adults asked them: Of the 43 self-made billionaires in the U. This was the 1 answer:. Those who have one only use it on average about 8 times per month. Toggle navigation Navigation Menu. Tuesday, September 11th, MMB: Cleaning hair for the drain! Monday, September 10th, MMB: One in eight people have had this happen on a date…?

Thursday, September 6th, MMB: Their favorite TV show! Wednesday, September 5th, MMB: Going to the bathroom without being interrupted! Tuesday, September 4th, MMB: Passing their first driving test!

Friday, August 31st, MMB: Almost a third of women claim they have not done this in years. A little over half of Americans shower after this. Thursday, August 30th, MMB: Their first date with their husband! Wednesday, August 29th, MMB: A man who drives what? Monday, August 27th, MMB: It will take you an average of 9 and a half minutes to find this. Something to watch on Netflix!

One in four men have done this before a first date to impress a woman … A: Grown some stubble on their face! Friday, August 24th, MMB: A high school yearbook! Thursday, August 23rd, MMB: Women can make a surprisingly accurate prediction of how rich a guy is by this … A: Looking at his face!

A bad experience in physical education classes at school! Wednesday, August 22nd, MMB: Tuesday, August 21st, MMB: Almost half of all men have fallen asleep while doing this … A: Monday, August 20th, MMB: Their produce fruits and vegetables BAQ: Friday, August 17th, MMB: Over half of us will do this at some point this weekend. Thursday, August 16th, MMB: Wednesday, August 15th, MMB: Tuesday, August 14th, MMB: Clean up the dog poop!

Monday, August 13th, MMB: When arguing with your spouse, you should never say this. Friday, August 10th, MMB: Listen to the radio! Thursday, August 9th, MMB: Use your phone on the toilet! To combat stress eating, you should do this for 60 seconds. Wednesday, August 8th, MMB: They make more money than their husband! Wear a skimpy bathing suit! Tuesday, August 7th, MMB: On the pretty Greek island of Skyros and under the tutelage of distinguished writers, you get the chance to indulge your creative side surrounded by idyllic landscapes and friendly people.

Pack your trunk and head for the Surin Elephant Festival and maybe you'll find love. Those once-in-a-lifetime safari-style trips make fantastic honeymoons. Designed as a group trip of solo travellers, it is the perfect chance for wildlife buffs to share their binoculars and get back to nature. Research your birds and beasts. Get your heart racing on an adventure weekend in Pembrokeshire.

Love has struck at the lodge before with former adventurers getting together and even hitched. Why not head for Granada in Spain where the balmy climate may spark romance. Tapas is meant to be shared, and it would be a shame to go on a gourmet Spanish holiday without some fellow foodies.

Where better to learn about this very Spanish cuisine than in Granada, where it all began. In the words of George Bernard Shaw: The sails are billowing, you have the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, so could love be on the horizon? While days are spent relaxing, topping up tans and visiting swimming spots along the coastline, by night the anchor is dropped for dinner.

You can even opt to sleep on deck under the stars. Price includes return flights and full-board accommodation , www. Ischia, off the coast of buzzing Naples, could be just the setting you need for love. Many parents travelling solo with their children can find negotiating a trip daunting and lonely. Step forward Mango Holidays, which offers an exotic Morocco break with other single-parent families.

It takes in the souks of Marrakech, the Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains, camel rides on the Atlantic coast and pirate adventures in Essaouira. The children can make friends and you can enjoy adult conversation in the evenings. If you want all the style of Italy along with the romance of an island escape, head to Ischia, off the coast of buzzing Naples. No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards.

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