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Climate in this area has mild differences between highs and lows, and there is adequate rainfall year-round.

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Immer mehr Wölfe in der Altmark: B 71 gesperrt sts Engersen. Er ging jedoch relativ glimpflich aus. Asphaltschicht nicht in Sicht Zierau. Denn diese endet quasi an den Ortseingängen. Anschaffung von Wassertank-Fahrzeug verzögert koe Kalbe. Vor einigen Wochen fiel der in Badel stationierte Liter-Wassertanker mit Motorschaden aus wir berichteten.

Wetter in Kalbe Kalbe - Wie die Polizei erst jetzt mitteilt, hat es bereits am Sonntag einen tödlichen Motorradunfall im Altmarkkreis gegeben. Der Stadtrat debattierte jüngst darüber, wie die Mittel eingesetzt werden könnten. Einsatz für die Wehren aus Kalbe mb Kalbe. Geht es ums Tierwohl oder doch um Geld? Zaun aufgebrochen, Pferd angeschrien und verletzt, ein anderes musste wieder eingefangen werden, Beleidigungen — Tom und Heike Vester fühlen sich bedroht.

Yet the city has a couple of churches that, though more humble, are beautiful, culturally significant and contain masterpiece art. Ordering a veggie burger anywhere — but especially in a land famous for its sausage — can be a roll of the dice. Here is a sampling of August events in Europe. It's wise to confirm dates and times with a local tourism board before traveling in case of cancellations.

It's not too late to start planning your weekend. Here's a list of top events happening around Europe on Sept. The first time I encountered tapas, I was 6 and didn't like them. My head was level with a huge wooden bar, and all I could see was a school of shiny silvery fish languishing near slices of bread. I've grown some since then; my head clears the bar most days.

Meanwhile, tapas have become an international phenomenon. A funny thing happened on the way to the Airbnb. As we dragged our suitcases along the cobblestones in the southern French city of Nimes, we saw a gladiator on a cellphone. The helmet-wearing warrior, looking straight out of ancient Rome, winked at my kids and kept marching toward the amphitheater. A century after World War I, you can visit the places where the Americans fought and died.

The landscape is still pockmarked with craters from artillery shells. Monuments honor those who fought. And white marble crosses and Stars of David, in well-groomed cemeteries, mark where many of those killed still rest. As an American expat happily living in Slovenia for many years, I love exploring my adopted country and looking, more deeply than perhaps even locals do, into what makes it such a wonderful place to visit and reside.

One line I hear frequently, and which guidebooks like to boast about, is that the country is so compact, with such a diversity of terrain, that you can ski in the morning and swim in the ocean in the afternoon. Would it be any fun? Only one way to find out. Do you have the permit?? Andrew picks up his beer and leans back against the red banquette seating at Le Romarin, a tiny bistro-bar in the heart of Lyon. We stood at the bar of the grand Lough Erne Resort, looking out at the driving rain.

The new Gotthard Base Tunnel is a mile stretch through a mountain of granite. The scenery transforms from mountainous Alpine stretches to palm tree-dappled Mediterranean landscape. Even the outside temperature is a few degrees warmer than it was where the tunnel starts. On a sunny Friday afternoon in April, the sleepy city of Kilkenny, Ireland, began to wake up. Chattering students filled the sidewalks, their book bags slung across school uniforms, many of the boys carrying the short, hockey-like sticks used in hurling.

Locals hurried through Butter Slip, a narrow passage between two streets where butter vendors set up stalls in medieval times. Our three-week British bike trip last spring could be called a series of literal highs and lows.

All over Europe, there is little stomach for war. The motto of one military museum I visited in Vienna says it all: In the just-waking hours of a cool, misty morning, we slipped into Frankfurt, Germany, the way dreams slide between vivid reality and hazy memory: Well, my happy streak finally ended: I was pickpocketed in Paris last summer.

Amped-up Spanish flamenco bars, dirndl skirts in Germany, ape tours of the Rock of Gibraltar — when does something slip from authentic to cheesy? Rural Sweden, especially the province of Smaland, is a worthy addition to any Scandinavian itinerary. Sometimes in travel, the journey is the reward. And that is particularly true in Europe, where trains, buses and boats link destinations near and far, high and low, urban and rural, often through spectacular scenery.

There is something about trains that has captivated me since childhood. Alas, living in the U.

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