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Will he lose one when he goes back? March 12, , 3:


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Resurrection" with Ben Browder. The Fast and the Furious with Paul Walker. Firefly "Bushwhacked" with Nathan Fillion.

Firewalker with Lou Gossett Jr. First Wave "Hypnotic" with Robert Moloney. The Flame and the Arrow with Burt Lancaster. Flash Gordon "Ascension" with Eric Johnson and other actors. Flesh for Frankenstein with Joe Dallesandro. Fleshburn with Steve Kanaly and others.

Brown and Scott Michaelson. The Following "Reunion" with Tobias Segal. The Following "Sacrifice" with James Purefoy. Freddy's Nightmares "Funhouse" with Todd Allen. Friday the 13th "The Playhouse" with John D. Gemini Man "8, 9, You're Dead" with Ben Murphy. The Girl from U. The Great Escape "Escape from the Institution". The Greatest American Hero "Operation: Spoilsport" with Robert Culp. The Guns of Navarone with Anthony Quayle and others. Gunsmoke "About Chester" with Dennis Weaver.

Gunsmoke "Born to Hang" with Wright King. Gunsmoke "Dry Well" with Burt Reynolds. Gunsmoke "Ring of Darkness" with Buck Taylor. Return to Dodge with Ken Olandt. Hands of a Stranger with Philip Casnoff. Sweeney and Raymond Cruz. Heated Vengeance with Richard Hatch. Heavyweights with Ben Stiller, Tom Hodges and other actors.

Hercules against the Mongols with Mark Forest. Highlander "Testimony" with Stan Kirsch. Holiday in Handcuffs with Mario Lopez. Hooten and the Lady "Cambodia" with Michael Landes. Hooten and the Lady "Egypt" with Michael Landes. Hooten and the Lady "Moscow" with Michael Landes. Hostel with Derek Richardson and Jay Hernandez.

A House in the Hills with Michael Madsen. Revenge of the Slap" with Neil Patrick Harris. Infamous with Austin Chittim, Brent A. Inglorious Basterds with Brad Pitt and B. Innocent Blood with Anthony LaPaglia. Intacto with Leonardo Sbaraglia and others. Into the Homeland with C. The Iron Triangle with Beau Bridges. Jack the Giant Killer with Kerwin Mathews. Jackass "Body in the Trunk" with Chris Pontius. Jane and the Lost City with Sam Jones and others.

Jill the Ripper with Dolph Lundgren and others. Johnny Mnemonic with Keanu Reeves. Johnny Skidmarks with Peter Gallagher. Joyride with Tobey Maguire and Wilson Cruz. Right with Kerry Beyer.

Killing Streets with Michael Pare. Killzone with Ted Prior and Fritz Matthews. Knots Landing "Borderline" with Pat Petersen. The Krofft Supershow "Wonderbug: Heat "Call of the Wild" with Steven Williams. Laramie "Among the Missing" with Robert Fuller. Laramie "Cemetery Road" with John Smith. Laramie "Dark Verdict" with L. Jones and Harry Dean Stanton.

Laramie "Stolen Tribute" with Robert Fuller. Laredo "Lazyfoot, Where Are You? Laredo "Walk Softly" with Peter Brown. The Last Man on Earth "M. Last of the Pony Riders with Gene Autry. The Last Seduction with Bill Pullman. Law Abiding Citizen with Gerard Butler.

The Lazarus Project with Paul Walker. Leather Jackets with D. Legend of the Lost Tomb with Rick Rossovich. Legend of the Seeker "Brennidon" with Craig Horner. Legend of the Seeker "Conversion" with Craig Horner. Legend of the Seeker "Deception" with Craig Horner and another actor. Legend of the Seeker "Denna" with Craig Horner. Legend of the Seeker "Identity" with Craig Horner. Legend of the Seeker "Resurrection" with Craig Horner.

Legends of Tomorrow "Shogun" with Brandon Routh. Lethal Seduction with Caleb Ruminer. The Lion Hunters with Douglas Kennedy.

Logan's Run "Capture" with Gregory Harrison. Lord of the Jungle with Johnny Sheffield. Lost "Hearts and Minds" with Ian Somerhalder. The Lost City with Kane Richmond and others. Mackenzie's Raiders "Cholera" with Richard Carlson. Malcolm in the Middle "Sleepover" with Chris Masterson.

The Man from U. The Man From U. Carroll and Peter Bromilow. Marvel's Agents of S. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Eps. The Messengers "Awakening" with J. Impossible "The Innocent" with Christopher Connelly. Impossible - Rogue Nation with Tom Cruise. Monsters "Cellmates" with Maxwell Caulfield. Mosby's Marauders with James MacArthur. A Mother's Instinct with Richard Harmon.

Myra Breckinridge with Roger Herren. New Orleans " 1 Fan" with Scott Bakula. Name Your Adventure "F. The Night of the Iguana with Richard Burton. Ninja Vengeance with Craig Boyett. La noche de los lapices with various actors. North and South, Book 2 with James Read.

West and Chris Gauthier. Once upon a Time "Chosen" with Andrew J. West and Kip Pardue. One Man's Hero with Tom Berenger and others. Opposing Force with Tom Skerritt and other actors. The Orville "Majority Rule" with J. Lee and Loren Lester. Peacemakers "29 Seconds" with Riley Smith. Wings of Gold "Fallout" with Salvator Xuereb. The Perfect Host with Clayne Crawford. Pirates with Walter Matthau and Cris Campion. The Pit and the Pendulum with John Kerr.

Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston. The New Seduction with Greg Vaughan. Popular "Baby, Don't Do It! Prehistoric Women with Michael Latimer. The Pretender "Extreme" with Michael T. Weiss and Jamie Denton. The Prince of Pennsylvania with Fred Ward. Prince Valiant with Robert Wagner. Psych "Shawn Interrupted" with James Roday.

Quantico "Who Are You? Race to Escape "Barbershop Breakout". Race to Escape "Schoolhouse Lock". Rawhide "Hostage for Hanging" with Clint Eastwood. Rawhide "Incident of the Blackstorms" with James Murdock. I Scream" with David Giuntoli and others. Reaper "Business Casualty" with Bret Harrison. Reign "The Darkness" with Terrance Coombs.

Reign "Drawn and Quartered" with Rossif Sutherland. Reign "Terror of the Faithful" with Douglas Nyback. Relic Hunter "Incognito" with Christien Anholt. Return to the Batcave with Jason Marsden. Return to Treasure Island with Tab Hunter. Revolution "Happy Endings" with Steven Culp. Revolution "Patriot Games" with Damon Carney. The Rifleman "Vaqueros" with Chuck Connors. Roswell "Crash" with Larry Poindexter and another actor. Route 66 "Welcome to the Wedding" with Martin Milner.

Run for Your Life "Sequestro! Salvation Boulevard with Greg Kinnear. The Summoning with Bobby Campo. The Secret Adversary with James Warwick. Serious Moonlight with Timothy Hutton. Sex and the Other Man with Stanley Tucci. The Shadow Riders with Jeff Osterhage. Shaft "Cop Killer" with Richard Roundtree.

Shallow Ground with Timothy V. Silver Strand with Gil Bellows and others. Smallville "Abandoned" with Tom Welling. Smallville "Collateral" with Justin Hartley. Smallville "Labyrinth" with Tom Welling. Smallville "Lazarus" with Justin Hartley. Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve. Stag Night of the Dead with Sebastian Street. Stargate Atlantis "Remnants" with Joe Flanigan.

Stargate Atlantis "Travelers" with Joe Flanigan. Starhunter "Bad Seed" with Michael Pare. Dude-Where is My Publicist? Luna Lovegood Joins Dancing with the Stars!

Not exactly, but the Property Brothers star has been offered the role of the Bachelor multiple times, according to him and his brother, Drew Scott. Sources familiar with the board's activities …. Accused CBS producer is a no-show at work following Moonves resignation. CBS makes it official: Les Moonves is out following new sexual misconduct allegations.

CBS forces Les Moonves to resign after more reports of sexual harassment, assault, and retaliation. CBS is close to a settlement that will cut ties with Moonves, and end fight with National Amusements: WeSmirch distills the lastest buzz from popular gossip blogs and news sites every five minutes. Olivia Munn's costars shunned her, bailed on press rather than discuss sex offender. Post Malone targeted in home invasion but suspects rob wrong house. High Life review - orgasmic brilliance in deepest space with Robert Pattinson.

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