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Just click on the company logos to learn more. For further optimisation, these parameters can be evaluated in a simple and targeted way. Adam-Transporte GmbH is a successful medium-sized company.

As a specialist for vehicle transports, the family-owned business operates Europe-wide. Another great benefit is that the fields in the CarLo mask are adjustable: Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Germany GmbH has been relying on the logistics software CarLo for managing and planning automotive transports at multiple international offices, since early Also take a look at our user clip.

We would be glad to provide you with further references from your sector or target market. You can contact us right now at info soloplan. We opted for a forward-looking solution in the shape of CarLo because it can handle enormous volumes of data in a short time. Thanks to CarLo, we are able to easily cover all functionalities required by modern distribution within a single system.

Hasenclever, project manager of system-aided transport management. In this way we were able to further optimise our processes and improve our productivity! Schmidt, Head of Controlling. Soloplan is an ideal partner in the Polish market.

The company-wide invoicing function is especially helpful since it allows the automatic creation of invoices and statistics. By using CarLo, we have also been able to ensure transparency and to create reliable analyses, which has improved and simplified our work processes. We have more than To support our demanding needs, we looked for a complete TMS solution that not only allowed us to efficiently plan, dispatch and track more than 1. CarLo was the only solution that was able to do so and is proving day by day that we made the good choice.

The company profits from improved communication and optimal exchange of data and information within the organisation. And combining the tool with the telematics solution CarLo inTOUCH also helps dispatchers ensure best planning results in cooperation with drivers. Also take a look at the user clip. CarLo has streamlined our processes considerably! Due to the simple and well though out handlings we have been able to assist our truck planning with CarLo, we can specifically evalutate costs and can minimise staffing overheads.

The company is gradually equipping all their LTG offices one after another with approx. It offers a much better overview and our planners have more relevant information available and faster — as everything happens within a single system. So, we looked at the most important transport management systems in Europe and eventually decided that Soloplan offered the best quality to price ratio.

The system not only convinced us with regards to planning and scheduling transports but also with its functions for creating forecasts and simulations.

During implementation phase one, we concentrated on our regional transport business. By now, we have integrated all our processes into the tool, including master data and order management, graphical planning as well as invoicing tasks. Safety, quality and reliability are its guiding principles in domestic and international road transportation. All data is directly and transparently assigned for every order — from initial offer price, to temperature during loading and even fuel consumption during the delivery.

The switch to the forwarding solution from Soloplan helped us to take a giant leap forwards. In Carlo we have found a solution which takes into account all eventualities of a freight forwarder. The times when we had to work with with multiple systems were finally over.

Some of the highest cleanest air readings in all of Northern Europe have been measured near this area. The municipality of Morbach is subdivided into the following Ortsteile:.

Until municipal administrative reform in Rhineland-Palatinate in , the municipality belonged to the Bernkastel district, with its seat at Bernkastel-Kues. The municipality as it is today arose on 31 December when the new municipality of Morbach was formed out of Morbach itself and the 18 until then self-administering municipalities of Bischofsdhron, Elzerath, Gonzerath, Gutenthal, Haag, Heinzerath, Hinzerath, Hoxel, Hundheim, Hunolstein, Merscheid, Morscheid-Riedenburg, Odert, Rapperath, Wederath, Weiperath, Wenigerath and Wolzburg.

The council is made up of 28 honorary council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June , and the full-time mayor as chairman. The municipal election held on 7 June yielded the following results: Particularly worth seeing is the railway viaduct in the outlying centre of Hoxel, which is one of the highest single-level stone railway bridges in Germany. Bus route of the Rhein-Mosel-Verkehrsgesellschaft links the municipality every two hours with the main railway station in Wittlich on the Koblenz-Trier railway line.

Bus route from Omnibusverkehr Rhein-Nahe runs a service on weekdays to the Idar-Oberstein railway station on the Saarbrücken - Mainz railway line. The municipality of Morbach is the location of a great wind farm with fourteen wind turbines , a big photovoltaic complex , a biogas complex and a wood pellet works. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Location of Morbach within Bernkastel-Wittlich district. Statistisches Bundesamt in German. August Archived at the Wayback Machine. Towns and municipalities in Bernkastel-Wittlich.

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