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Musikwissenschaftlichen Instituts [in Ju]. Der Palestrinastil und seine Bedeutung in der vokalen Kirchenmusik des



Flemish fp fortepiano [dynamic marking] Fr. Greek Gl Gloria Glam. Glamorgan glock glockenspiel Glos. Huntingdonshire Hz Hertz [c. Italian Jan January Jap. Scarlatti]; Köchel catalogue [Mozart: Scarlatti] LA Louisiana Lanarks.

Leicestershire LH left hand lib s libretto s Lincs. Nottinghamshire Nov November n. Oxfordshire P Pincherle catalogue [Vivaldi] p. South, Southern s soprano [instrument] s. Senior sr senior SS Saints It. Swedish SWF Südwestfunk sym s. America AMeS Algemene muziekencyclopedie suppl. Geschichte der Orgel- und Klaviermusik bis Kassel, ; Eng.

Die Buchdrucker des Instrumental Music Printed Before British Musical Biography Bruns. The Great Violinists Can. Who's Who of Jazz: Storyville to Swing Street London, , rev. BG off the Record: Listen to his Legacy, addns and corrections, , as Benny Goodman: Wrappin' it up Cont.

Early American Sheet Music Dis. The Encyclopedia of Jazz New York, , rev. Der Palestrinastil und seine Bedeutung in der vokalen Kirchenmusik des Biographie universelle des musiciens suppl.

Italian Secular Song from to Freedom Friedlaender DL M. Das deutsche Lied im The Pandora Guide to Women Composers: Kongress-Bericht [] GiacomoC S.

Dictionnaire de la musique HopkinsonD C. Jazztone KdG Komponisten der Gegenwart, ed. English Music Printing London, Kt. Annals of Opera, Lon. Tournai, LütgendorffGL W. Grundlage einer Ehren-Pforte Hamburg, ; ed. Die mehrstimmige Spielmusik des Geschichte des Violinspiels Berlin, , rev.

Perfect PG Patrologiae cursus completus, ii: So that I can also back-up these externally. We have the problem that our users do not have administrator rights and therefore no write permissions in the Windows folder.? Is not it possible to save the DesktopOK. But it would be desirable to be able to set the path for storing the DesktopOK.

Then he could be involved in the backup.? I've been using your DesktopOK tool for quite some time, it's really helpful if you change the screen more often or just access the desktop remotely and all the icons are scattered. I put the DesktopOK folder along with other "portable apps" in my cloud folder, so I do not have to download the tools on multiple machines. This works very well. As a suggestion, I would like to make the automatic alignment of the icons at startup dependent on the PC name.

It should therefore be loaded on the laptop, the laptop profile, and on the desktop from the desktop. Can you do something like that?

I'm using DesktopOK 4. Bug in the software? By the way, a small wish: I call my layout eg with 4K 4K, if I use two 4K monitors next to each other. Sometimes I just want to override the layout instead of deleting it and then creating and renaming a new one.

Saving goes, recovering is only possible until the computer is switched off. After restart, data lines are gone. There are programs which designate desktopok as PUP.

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