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Made from apples collected from small orchards and even gardens around London, Urban Orchard is a completely unique cider. Delirium Red is a 8.

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Best on its own, or enjoy with a fruity curry. Neck Oil packs the same flavours you would expect from its stronger IPA cousins, but at 4. There is a lot of citrusy green hop in the aroma and a light but full-bodied mouthfeel, leading to a big bitter finish. A good match with fish and curries because the hops cut right through.

It's also great with barbecue food, as well as a pulled pork. An original homebrew recipe by Beavertown's founder Logan Plant, Smog Rocket uses nine different malts including a good chunk of smoked "rauchmaltz" from Bamburg, Germany. It adds a smokiness to the rich molasses, raisin and caramel flavours, which are balanced with big hits of US hop bitterness. Inspired by London's industrial revolution, when smog filled the air and porter was the beer of the people.

This beer was brewed specifically to match smoked beef ribs, and is fantastic with any barbecued meat. But it would also be great with hard cheese. The definitive example of a Belgian wit beer. The coriander and orange peel in the beer are obvious in both the aroma and taste, lending the beer a spicy, zesty edge. Exceptionally thirst quenching, especially when the temperature begins to rise. Makes an elegant partner to mussels, prawns, salmon and all lightly steamed white fish.

Named Brugse Zot or "Bruges Fool", a historic nickname given to the town folk of Bruges, this golden beer should not be taken lightly. Brewed at the Halve Maan in Bruges, Brugse Zot gains its sweet body from four different malts, while two aromatic hop varieties give the beer a big, hoppy aroma and a satisfying dry finish. Complements salads, creamy sauces, roast lamb and pork, and also has the character to stand up to spicy foods such as Asian curries.

A delicious dubbel from Bruges's Halve Maan brewery. A deep russet-brown body contrasts pleasingly with a firm creamy head. Up front malt sweetness is accented with bitter chocolate and dark fruits, all brought to a close with a rewarding bitter hop finish. One of Belgium's best dark beers. Stands up to slowly cooked meat dishes such as casseroles and steak pies.

Also contrast well with sharp sweet desserts. A delicious light lager with a crisp, biscuity finish. Great with barbecued meat, seafood and on its own on a hot day. Jambe-de-Bois is a powerful and full-bodied strong blonde that takes the hoppiness of Westmalle Tripel a step further.

It has a scent of ripe banana and a subtle blend of aromatic hops that add earth, spice, fresh grass and lemon. On the palate it all combines with a champagne-like fizz and bready bittersweetness.

Stouterik is unlike any other Belgian stout, using spicy British hops and clean yeast to create a light, dry and freshly bitter beer with plenty of complex roasted notes of coffee and chocolate. Delicious with rich stews, red meat roasts and as a digestif. De La Senne make hoppy, bitter versions of traditional Belgian styles. This straw-coloured pale ale has hints of soft stone fruits from the yeast and sweet maltiness, but loads of citric aroma and a big, biting finish that leaves you gasping for more.

Brilliant with white meats, mildly spiced foods and meaty fish. A modern revamp of the traditional Belgian blonde, Zinnebir balances a bready malt body, banana-like Belgian yeast and big, assert hop spice and bitterness to make for a very easy drinking, anti-traditional blonde ale. Delicious with roast chicken and creamy sauces. Delirium Nocturnum is a deliciously complex dark ale. The aroma is a mixture of caramel, coffee and chocolate, as well as spices such as liquorice and coriander.

The very smooth mouthfeel of the beer is perfectly balanced with rich alcohol and earthy hops. The taste is dominated by roasted malt and chocolate malt followed by subtle dryness and gentle bitterness of hops. The obvious choice for Nocturnum is dark red meats like venison.

Cheese-wise it's great with mature Cheddar or gouda but is also perfect with a molten camembert. It can even be paired with rich desserts like tiramisu. Delirium Red is a 8. It has a light pink, compact head, a soft aroma of almond and sour cherries girottes , and tastes tangy and fruity, with a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

An excellent partner for strong red meat like duck and venison. It is also a beautiful dessert beer, working well with the Christmas pudding, creamy desserts and, of course, dark chocolate. It is a bright golden beer with a dense white head, a sweet fruity flavour and lots of warming alcohol. It's made with Czech Saaz hops and Styrian Goldings, and fermented with three different yeasts. Delirium works well as an aperitif, but try it with charcuterie, grilled fish or chicken. A fruity Flemish red ale, left to age and go sour in giant oak vats.

This complex beer has notes of red wine and cherry, as well as a dry ciderous depth. Brilliant with game and duck, but also hearty salads. German pilsners are supposed to have a super-light body and lots of hop bite, and that is exactly what Flensburger Pilsener gives you. Clean bready notes and a bold, crisp finish with enough bitterness to leave you gasping for another bite.

A delicious aperitif to any kind of food! Floris Apple is a 3. It has a very fine, dense and lacing white foam head, and a complex smell of sour green apples and cider. The beer is delicately balanced between sour and light sweet fruit. An orchard in a glass! Perfect with rich cream sauces, aromatic cheeses and spicy cuisine - supremely refreshing. Floris Chocolate is a 4.

This brilliant chocolate beers goes surprisingly well with a lot of smoked food like smoked duck breast and smoked sausages, but even better with strawberry or raspberry-based puddings. An aromatic Belgian wheat beer blended with raspberry juice. Up-front sweet fruit flavours with a little raspberry tartness on the finish. Serve well chilled for maximum refreshment, this is a great choice for those who claim they don't usually like beer. Try with rich chocolate puddings, sorbets, chilled fruit compote and creme brulee.

Floris Honey is a traditional Belgian wheat beer brewed with honey. It has yellow blond colour and still slightly cloudy because of the wheat beer. It smells of Acacia honey, nicely in balance with a subtle hint of vanilla.

It tastes pleasantly sweet and slightly bitter, evolving into the rich taste palate of honey. The big caramel and malty character of this honey beer makes it a good partner with the lighter meats like poultry, pork and veal.

It also makes very nice vinaigrettes and combines nicely with lots of crisp salads. Floris Kriek is a traditional Belgian wheat beer blended with cherry juice to add some tartness and sweetness, before the spices of the wheat beer creep back in on the finish. It makes a brilliant dessert beer or, indeed, a replacement for a dessert! Great with cherries obviously , dark chocolate and creamy desserts.

Floris Mango is based on a traditional Belgian wheat beer, golden in colour and slightly hazy. The aroma is of mango, papaya, pepper and a subtle note of citrus fruits from the base beer. The mouth feel is extremely smooth thanks to the fresh mango juice, and the lingering aftertaste is sweet and fruity.

Delicious as an aperitif with canapes, this mango beer also works well when paired with exotic spicy dishes such as Malay chicken curry. It is also a perfect partner with mango-inspired desserts like bavarois or sorbets.

Floris ninkeberry is a traditional Belgian Wheat blended with a mysterious mix of exotic fruits mix. It smells of mango, apricot, peach and a subtle passionfruit. The flavour is complex but the predominant taste is peach and apricot. Never try to explain what exactly a ninkeberry is!

Delicious as an aperitif at a barbecue on a hot day, this exotic beer also works well when paired with exotic dishes such as spicy chicken kebabs or even Cajun cooked ribs. It is also a perfect partner with peach inspired desserts like bavarois or sorbets.

Floris Passion Fruit, like the name suggests, is a Belgian wheat beer blended with passion fruit juice. It has a sweet aroma of passion fruit that dominates the flavour, all until the finish when the spices of the original wheat beer come through.

Delicious with fruit salads and fruity desserts. Floris strawberry is a 3. It has deep stone-red colour with a little haze from the wheat. It's a very mild, sweet fruit beer, with an excellent balance between sweet and sour. Terrific before a meal but also with sweet desserts, This strawberry beer is a perfect pairing for Belgian waffles and ice cream.

Try a beer float with a ball of ice cream in it too! Neither a lager nor an ale, German Kolsch is a style of beer unique to the Cologne part of Germany. It is made using an ale yeast to get some fruity flavours, but is then conditioned at very low lager-like temperatures to make it exceptionally smooth like a German helles.

It's a hugely freshing but very floral style, and Fruh is perhaps the most celebrated of them all. A wonderful match for creamy sauces and soft cheese.

Fruli is the bestselling fruit beer in the UK. Made in Belgium from pure strawberry juice and premium white beer, it's smooth, well-rounded and packed with natural fruit juice. Fruli is sweeter than ordinary beers, with just a hint of bitterness and a little citrus zest that balances out the palate. Ideal for those seeking a totally different beer experience or looking for something less bitter.

Incredible with sweet desserts, Fruli is a perfect pairing for Belgian waffles and ice cream. The deep-gold body is packed with full-on sweet malt flavour, light floral hoppy aroma and a delicate bitterness on the finish. This is a very smooth and drinkable beer that you will keep coming back to. Great with charcuterie, pizza, salmon and seafood. Cuts through spicy Indian food, and is great in the summer with a barbecue.

Spicy clove, coriander and banana all play leading roles in both the aroma and taste, with satisfying bready malt as the backbone. Because it's unfiltered it's almost opaque, with a lovely smooth mouthfeel and a gorgeous creamy head. Excellent with seafood pasta, fishcakes and smoked salmon. Traditional Bavarian accompaniment to white sausage. With a luxuriant white foam, fragrant bouquet and dry finish, Munich Hell is a brilliant example of Hells lager, which is brewed to the German purity law.

It's a little lighter in colour, flavour and alcohol than the Gold, which makes it a great session beer. Perfect with roast pork and sausages, just as it would be enjoyed in Bravaria. Kellerbiers are the unfiltered, unpasteurised versions of a German brewery's main beer and usually the favourite beer of any brewer who works there.

Leaving the hop and yeast particles in the beer gives it a gorgeous creamy mouthfeel and a sweeter flavour, without affecting that signature crisp bitter finish of all great German lagers. Hacker-Pschorr's Kellerbier is truly one of the best lagers in the world. Brilliant with meaty fish or, more traditionally, white sausage. Made from apples collected from small orchards and even gardens around London, Urban Orchard is a completely unique cider.

It's taste is unique too, with lots of depth and just enough sweetness to make it medium-dry. Great with creamy sauces and served cold on a hot day outside. Brewed at the highly respected Hopf brewery in the picturesque town of Miesbach, Hopf Helle Weisse is a little gem! With a lighter body than classic hefeweisses, but with the same moreish taste, this beer is just so drinkable. Anyone who likes Bavarian wheat beer or Belgian wit bier will fall for this beauty, which is regarded as one of the best in the world.

Pairs well with white fish, poultry and pork. Will stand up well to cream-based sauces. Jever is a pilsener from Northern Germany famous for its rich, smooth bitterness and clean, refreshing body. The bitterness is thanks to the huge amounts of German hops in the boil as well as the famous hard regional water which helps add complexity and depth for the hop flavour. A beer so bold it's best enjoyed on its own. Kona wanted to make a beer that went down easy after a day out on the water.

But Big Wave Golden Ale is more than that. It is one of the most delicious, drinkable ales available in the UK with a bona fide craft claim too. Big Wave's lighter body and bright hop aroma and taste makes it a natural to enjoy with seafood, poultry, salads and light pasta dishes. Its signature copper colour results from the unique blend of specialty roasted malts that gives it the sweet flavour and smooth mouthfeel.

Fire Rock Pale Ale pairs exceptionally well with a broad variety of foods. Kona Hanalei IPA is a hoppy session pale ale made with three ingredients indigenous to Hawaii where it is brewed. As well as juicy American hops, the brewers have added orange, passion fruit and guava to amp up the zesty fruitiness and add just a hint of tang. It's a unique, beautiful and incredibly drinkable beer.

Hanalei is best enjoyed on its own, where the heady fruit aromas can really sing. Longboard Island Lager is a smooth, refreshing lager fermented and "lagered" or aged for five weeks at cold temperatures to yield its exceptionally smooth flavour.

A delicate, slightly spicy hop aroma complements the malty body of this beer. As they say back home in Hawaii - this beer is liquid Aloha! Pairs well with herb chicken, pizza and salads - or practically anything straight off the barbecue on a hot day! Hoppy Joe is a bold American red ale brewed by one of Norway's best craft brewers - with lots of biscuity, caramel and cracker flavours that give way to big floral hops and citrus bitterness.

This beer is stunning with anything smoked, roasted or barbecued. It's it's caramelised or charred, this is the beer to go for. Inspired by the Norwegian tradition of having huge house parties, this delicious session pale ale is made to be super aromatic but endlessly crushable.

It's got a gorgeous pineapple and grapefruit aroma thanks to the Citra and Bru-1 hops, then a light bittersweet body not far from a German helles that finishes with a clean, robust bitterness. Great with just about everything! Lervig head brewer Mike Murphy often brews the famous Beer Geek Breakfast beers for gypsy brewer Mikkeller, so he knows how to do a good imperial stout.

Konrad Stout is much better than that — it's smooth and sweet, balanced with a fantastic coffee and liquorice edge that gives it depth and character beyond most strong dark beers. The kind of beer that stops people in their tracks. A surprisingly versatile beer considering it's strength, but at its absolutely best with hard cheeses, chocolate puddings and as a digestif.

The biggest seller from one of Norway's best craft brewers. Mike Murphy, their head brewer, has worked for the likes of Mikkeller and Birra Del Borgo, and knows how to brew a fantastic hoppy beer. One of the great European examples of US-style brewing. Brilliant with fragrant curries and barbecued pork.

American pale ale brewed with Amarillo, Chinook and Citra hops, hops dominate the aroma and the flavour, at 45IBU this beer is not overly bitter but the caramel malts have given the balance needed to sure up the bitterness and balance it with the grapefruit, tropical fruit and citrus aromas and flavours.

This is the Grapefruit special edition, with fresh grapefruit juice added you get a really fruity and refreshing experience. Pairs perfectly with Sushi and Pulled pork. The beer that started it all for Lervig. After Carlsberg bought out and closed the only regional brewery in Stravanger, Norway, the locals decided to do something about it. They clubbed together to build a new brewery, and Lervig started brewing fresh Pilsner over 10 years ago.

Crispy, light and refreshing at 4. Best on its own on a hot day, but also great with salads, barbecues, and cured meats. Lervig Sour Suzy is a light, zingy and refreshing Berlinerweiss that combines soft, sweet wheat with a lemony tartness.

Brilliant at cutting through creamy sauces and adding acidity to white meat and fish. Lervig Tasty Juice has almost single-handedly made the brewery a household name in the UK.

First brewed as a seasonal it has proved so popular they now make it all year around. It's an all-Citra New England IPA, combining the grapefruit and mango notes from the hops with the sticky stone fruit sweetness of the yeast. Together they make a fruit salad-like aroma and a smooth bittersweet body. This beer is one of the best IPAs being brewed in the world at the moment.

Needs huge flavours to match with it, so think burgers and barbecue. Lervig are world-famous for their rich imperial stouts, and this beer has a cult following. Made with cinnamon-like tonka beans, vanilla and cacoa it has a rich, sweet and spicy nose reminiscent of Christmas cake, then a gorgeous smooth chocolate and mulled alcohol flavour. Beers don't get much more complex and warming than Three Bean.

Great with chocolate, but not a lot else can stand up to this huge beer. Lindemans Apple is a traditional gueuze blended with apple juice. It has a glowing gold colour, and the clean aroma and flavour of apples melds beautifully with the complex tartness of lambic.

Smooth, light, tart and refreshing. Perfect with rich cream sauces, hearty soups, aromatic cheeses and spicy cuisine - supremely refreshing. Lindemans Cassis is a traditional gueuze blended with blackcurrant juice.

It pours dark red with a huge blackcurrant aroma that hits you from feet away. The blackcurrants add a wonderful depth and deep fruitiness to the light, acidic gueuze.

Perfect with chocolate desserts, fruit crumbles and fresh raspberries. Lindemans faro is a traditional gueuze made with candy sugar during the fermentation process.

The candy sugar rounds off the sourness of the original beer, and adds a brown sugar-depth to create a "candied lambic". Perfect for getting in to sour beers, and for matching sours with heavier food. The sugar adds a sweet depth that makes this a refreshing match with heavy stews, but it is at its best with citric fruits in puddings.

Lindemans Framboise is a traditional sour gueuze blended with raspberry juice. It has a pink-red colour and a delicious taste of sparkling raspberry Champagne, with a characteristic sourness from the beer and sharpness from the fruit. The straight raspberry juice is blended with selected lambic of different ages. Perfect with chocolate desserts, jam-based desserts such as Baked Alaska, and in cocktails. Lindemans gueuze is a naturally fermented beer made with barley and wheat malt.

The beer is brewed as a normal beer, before being exposed to the natural yeasts and fauna in the air. The beer is then barrelled to ferment and age for up to three years, before being bottled. It has a crisp, sour ciderous taste, with the aroma of Champagne. It is the traditional beer for carbonnade, and makes a great accompaniment to seafood and other salty meals.

Lindemans' most traditional beer. Left to be infected by natural yeasts and fauna in the air, this beer is then aged in barrels for up to three years and blended before being bottled and aged again using the same methods as Champagne makers.

After six months the gueuze obtains a golden colour and a cidery, winey palate; reminiscent, perhaps, of dry complex vermouth. It is the traditional beer for carbonnade, as well as being a beautiful accompaniment to seafood and other salty meals.

Lindemans Kriek is a delicious lambic cherry beer. Sweeter than most, it's a perfect introduction to the world of fruit beers; it's still got that sour kick and the tartness to make your mouth water. Sie bieten üer verschiedene Single-Malts an. Beim Newsletter werden Wünsche berücksichtigt! Vertreibt Spirituosen, Zigarren, Kaffee, Wein u. Ausserdem bieten sie Verkostungsnotizen, Messeberichte usw.

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