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George W. Romney

Romney's ambitious plans for housing production increases for the poor, and for open housing to desegregate suburbs, were modestly successful but often thwarted by Nixon.

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Updated September 7, 2018

Efter mycket mummel och gnäll provade vi att flytta ut vindrodret till utanför badbryggan. Att flytta GPS-antennen trodde vi först var ett lätt jobb. Jobbigt men vi hade inget val. Strax efter sjösättning hissade vi segel och seglade norrut. Vi var dock väldigt trötta och bestämde oss för vara nöjda för dagen. Det visade sig att det var hydraulstyrningen som var boven i det hela. Denna film är mellan Ystad och Bornholm sommaren Attorney General Ramsey Clark and requested that federal troops be sent.

Army Airborne Divisions were mobilized outside of the city. There were strong political implications in the handling of the riot, as Romney was seen as a leading Republican contender to challenge Johnson's presidential re-election the following year; [] Romney believed the White House had intentionally slowed its response [27] and he charged Johnson with having "played politics" in his actions. Romney greatly expanded the size of state government while governor. The bipartisan coalitions that Romney worked with in the state legislature enabled him to reach most of his legislative goals.

White said, "a knack for getting things done. Romney's wide margin of re-election as governor in November thrust him to the forefront of national Republicans. Hall became Romney's informal campaign manager.

Romney's greatest weakness was a lack of foreign policy expertise and a need for a clear position on the Vietnam War. The perception grew that Romney was gaffe-prone. Gallup Poll percentages of Republican Party voters preferring Romney for the presidential nomination, and margin ahead or behind usual poll leader Richard Nixon.

Romney was trailing almost from the start, and his numbers dropped further after the August 31, , "brainwashing" remark. Romney's national poll ratings continued to erode, and by May he had lost his edge over Johnson. Questions were occasionally asked about Romney's eligibility to run for President owing to his birth in Mexico, given the ambiguity in the United States Constitution over the phrase " natural-born citizen ". Romney was also the first Mormon to stage a credible run for the presidency.

The "brainwashing" reference had been an offhand, unplanned remark that came at the end of a long, behind-schedule day of campaigning. Hoff of Vermont, said Romney's remarks were "outrageous, kind of stinking Stafford of Vermont sounded a common concern: He nonetheless persevered, staging a three-week, city tour of the nation's ghettos and disadvantaged areas that none of his advisors thought politically worthwhile.

Romney formally announced on November 18, , at Detroit's Veterans Memorial Building , [] that he had "decided to fight for and win the Republican nomination and election to the Presidency of the United States. Two weeks before the March 12 primary, an internal poll showed Romney losing to Nixon by a six-to-one margin in New Hampshire.

As a matter of fact, we are relieved. I aspired, and though I achieved not, I am satisfied. Nixon went on to gain the nomination. Presidential historian Theodore H. White wrote that during his campaign Romney gave "the impression of an honest and decent man simply not cut out to be President of the United States.

The president-elect made the announcement as part of a nationally televised presentation of his new cabinet on December 11, Romney was confirmed by the Senate without opposition on January 20, , the day of Nixon's inauguration, [] and was sworn into office on January 22, with Nixon at his side.

Milliken continued Romney's model of downplaying party label and ideology, and Republicans held onto the governorship for three more terms until , though Michigan was one of the nation's most blue-collar states.

As secretary, Romney conducted the first reorganization of the department since its creation. The Fair Housing Act of mandated a federal commitment towards housing desegregation, and required HUD to orient its programs in this direction. When the open housing proposal became public, local reaction was often hostile. Romney visited Warren in July , where he addressed leaders from it and around 40 nearby suburbs.

Kotlowski writes that, "No civil rights initiative developed on Nixon's watch was as sincerely devised or poorly executed as open communities.

Another of Romney's initiatives was "Operation Breakthrough," which was intended to increase the amount of housing available to the poor and which initially had Nixon's support. In any case, using conventional construction methods, HUD set records for the amount of construction of assisted housing for low- and moderate-income families. Louis , which had become crime-ridden, drug-infested, and largely vacant. Romney was largely outside the president's inner circle and had minimal influence within the Nixon administration.

Haldeman as policy gatekeepers, resulting in de facto downgrading of the power of cabinet officers. By early , Nixon had decided he wanted Romney removed from his position.

Senate race in Michigan. In late , after opposition to Open Communities reached a peak, Nixon again decided that Romney should go. Maybe he doesn't believe in anything," [] an assessment shared by others both inside and outside the administration. Shapp and a local citizens' representative. Romney finally turned in his resignation on November 9, , following Nixon's re-election.

The Boston Globe later termed Romney's conflicts with Nixon a matter that "played out with Shakespearean drama". Lamb concluded that Romney pressed harder to achieve suburban integration than any prominent federal official in the ensuing s through the s.

Romney was known as an advocate of public service, and volunteerism was a passion of his. At the National Center's first meeting on February 20, , he said:. Americans have four basic ways of solving problems that are too big for individuals to handle by themselves. One is through the federal government. A second is through state governments and the local governments that the states create. As Woodrow Wilson said, "The most powerful force on earth is the spontaneous cooperation of a free people.

Within the LDS Church, Romney remained active and prominent, serving as patriarch of the Bloomfield Hills Stake and holding the office of regional representative of the Twelve , covering Michigan and northern Ohio. Bush 's Points of Light Foundation was created in , also to encourage volunteerism. He gave speeches emphasizing the vital role of people helping people, [] and in inspired the first national meeting of volunteer centers.

For much of his final two decades, Romney had been out of the political eye, [90] but he re-emerged to the general public when he campaigned for his son, Mitt Romney, during the younger Romney's bid to unseat Senator Edward M. Kennedy in the U. Senate election in Massachusetts. And what Ted is trying to do is bring it into the picture. That same year, Ronna Romney , Romney's ex-daughter-in-law formerly married to G.

Scott Romney , decided to seek the Republican nomination for the U. Scott endorsed Ronna Romney, George Romney had endorsed her opponent and the eventual winner, Spencer Abraham , during the previous year when Ronna was considering a run but had not yet announced. By January , amid press criticism of the Points of Light Foundation engaging in ineffective, wasteful spending, Romney expressed concern that the organization had too high a budget.

On July 26, , Romney died of a heart attack at the age of 88 while he was doing his morning exercising on a treadmill at his home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; he was discovered by his wife Lenore but it was too late to save him. The Presidents' Summit For America's Future took place in Philadelphia in , manifesting Romney's last volunteerism proposal, [] with the organization America's Promise coming out of it.

For many years, the Points of Light Foundation and its predecessor organization has given out an annual Lenore and George W. Founded in with a grant from Romney's immediate family , [] the George W. The building housing the main offices of the Governor of Michigan in Lansing is known as the George W. Romney Building following a renaming. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people with the same name, see George Romney disambiguation. Romney family and Pratt family.

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In Rucker, Walter C. Encyclopedia of American Race Riots. Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. Retrieved January 19, After Detroit" fee required. State Government and Economic Performance Second ed. What a successful consultation! Kris and Bob have helped dozens of our consultation clients with repairs and offshore outfitting, even repeatedly flying to Mexico to install additional gear years later.

The snow stopped, the temperature warmed up to 0 degrees and the sun came out for our seminars very busy seminars. By the time we left early Sunday morning the wind and snow machine were in high gear. Toronto's challenging weather gave us a break with sunny skies and mild temperatures which meant the boat show was packed.

With two new consultation clients on New Year's day, both ready to purchase boats now, our consultation business is off to a flying start. I've just spent a day researching the number of boats on the market, current listing and average selling prices for the "Featured Boats" sheet that we give out in our Offshore Cruising Seminar and our one hour Purchasing and Offshore Cruising Boat seminars. Unlike last year when the majority of average selling prices had gone down over , this year, the majority of prices have increased.

The effect of a strengthening economy and more people searching for offshore boats appears to be driving prices slowly higher, so now, before summer or spring is a wise time to start your search. The good news for all of our Canadian friends is that there is still room in our March 29 Seattle seminar held at the Seattle Airport Radisson!

Our goal is to have the information documenting our seminars and expeditions as up-to-date as possible. If you're not able to attend one of our Offshore Cruising Seminars for which the Offshore Companion is included or you're considering about joining us on an expedition and want more information, both of these books are available as soon as we receive them from the printers. Click HERE for a worldwide view of the weather, updated every three minutes. It's great to be home and enjoying our winter sports of kayaking, cycling, trail running, swimming and Yoga.

It's also much easier to reply to questions than when we were hauled out in the boatyard! Richard on Leg just sent this: I am still savoring the great memories of our trip of Leg I can honestly say it was a perfect trip from the standpoint of location, experience, learning, and cuisine except for one small detail - that awful Australian creation, Vegemite.

Vegemite's badness impressed me so much I have been doing a little research and found some interesting facts. I will put two links below you might find interesting. We just received this update from Jason's very proud father and co- Leg 5 expedition member: Just thought I'd let you know that Jason has had a great trip and is now working for a few months as crew on a sailboat in the Whitsundays. Apparently pays well and he's learning a lot. He got the job thanks in large part to your sailing certificate and his experience on our expedition.

For only the second time ever first was 30 years ago! Registration is available at http: Amanda is sewing new slip covers out of a gorgeous Hawaiian print we found in Fiji and I'm working on installing a new stereo and possibly new, much cooler LED engine room lights.

Our trusty Volvo engine is all serviced and contentedly resting. We've sent our 16 year old Avon RIB dinghy off for retubing at Lancer Inflatables outside of Auckland and the list is getting shorter by the day. Yesterday after completing a 9, mile series of passages through the South Pacific we had Mahina Tiare III hauled out in New Zealand and everyone from the Travelift operator to the boatyard workers said, "Why are you hauling out, your antifouling doesn't even need pressure washing, much less recoating!

This allows us to spend more time enjoying the islands and people of the South Pacific and less time sponging slime off the antifouling paint.

A big thanks from the schools on Anietyum, Tanna and Erromango Islands in Vanuatu to all of our expedition members who carried many boxes of school books and supplies when they flew to join us for their expedition legs. A special thanks to David and Karen Swan, Amanda's brother and sister-in-law for purchasing many boxes of books and to Dan Perrine of Leg 5 for purchashing and bringing yet more books. Also, a special thanks to Fiji Airlines's Jessica Simpson for waiving freight charges on the box of books that Dan brought down with him.

Our next project will be collecting school supplies and Spanish children's books for the library on Mormake Tupa in Panama's San Blas Islands on Leg We are savoring every minute here and this morning, anchored off Iririki Island where we had our Leg 5 graduation dinner just two nights ago, we just feel so grateful for the amazing island people who have been our friends and welcomed us so many times to their islands. Of course we are excited to be returning to places like the Azores, Scotland, Norway, Sweden and Spitsbergen and even more excited to finally get to sail to Iceland, the Faroe Islands and St.

Kilda, but it is a bittersweet time aboard Mahina Tiare Harriet helped us by giving us contacts at Scholastic Book that have allowed us to purchase substantial quantities of books at non-profit prices for the school libraries in Vanuatu that we support.

A big thanks to all of our expedition members who agreed to help by bring boxes of school books down with them when they joined us. For more on Hands Across the Sea, visit their website at: We still can't quite believe it, but will go out tonight to celebrate. We appreciate how helpful you have been to us each step of the way.

In the coming weeks, we would love to correspond with you about the repairs and upgrades that we are considering to the boat to get your thoughts. Very best wishes, and fair winds, Nina and Robert. I put both couples in touch with Ryan Hellling at Swiftsure, recommended the sellers sail the boat to San Diego to simplify the transaction, and the rest is history! Yesterday I went through my consultation binder and was amazed how nearly all of my recent clients have successfully purchased boats around the world in the last few months.

Another young Bay-area couple used Pete McGonagle's help to purchase a very clean, low-hour Dean catamaran in FL An Ontario couple purchased a very tidy Switch 51 cat in Denmark and Jim, an expedition member on our Panama-Hawaii leg helped them sail it across the Atlantic. A very experience Australian couple purchased a Contest 43 in Spain and are excited about cruising the Med! A Portland, OR client who attended our Seattle seminar purchased a Yamaha 33 at a very reasonable price in Friday Harbor, our hometown, and sailed it home to Oregon.

They will shortly be sailing their new boat home to Seattle and Michele is joining us on Leg 7. Bucky, a single guy whom we met at the Seattle Boat Show after serious research purchased a Taswell 43 which he plans to sail to Mexico shortly. We were able to put him in touch with Chris and Bobbie Ridenauer who liveaboard a Taswell 43 and have helped dozens of our client repair, refit and outfit newly-purchased vessels for offshore voyaging.

And yet another young Bay-area couple purchased an Island Packet with only engine hours, got married and flew to Croatia to charter for their honeymoon! What is it about our clients buying boats and getting married?

Seems to be a real trend here! A lovely couple from Vermont found a very tidy Beneteau for coastal cruising. They purchased the boat in FL, and Teresa Carey and Ben Ericson, also consultation clients, film makers and professional sail-training captains http: I may have missed one or two, but it is surprising how many clients have found their dream boats and are already out there cruising!

The inventory of refitted, fairly recent-model offshore capable cruising yachts on the market continues to shrink, and prices are headed back up, so if you're planning on purchasing, now is certainly the time! If we have a cancellation, we will contact you at once. We've added links to all of the exciting places we will sail to and are working at adding a Google Map that will outline the route. If you're up for high latitiude adventures - you're welcome to join us sailing to places we've only read and dreamed about!

Click here to find out more! There was a record turnout on Jan. Amanda has discovered ZUMBA exercise dance classes and we are enjoying kayaking, swimming, yoga and catching up with friends.

We're hard at work on some new show and seminars and off to the Toronto, Chicago and Seattle Boat Shows shortly. Here's what we've just completed: NZ is without question the most cost-effective country in the world for highest quality yacht repair work. PJ, on the right just completed an exciting one year South Pacific cruise with her husband Brad and adventuresome boys, Bryce and Austin. Read of the Baker's excellent adventure here: The headmasters at Achawhat and Potnarvin both have asked if we could help them in their efforts to establish the first-ever school libraries in their isolated villages.

In addition, they have asked for more simple school supplies including pens, pencils, exercise books, world atlas, dictionaries, crayons, marking pens, scissors - just any typical school supplies. At their request, we are looking for donations of children's books from age Used books are fine, and we will be asking each expedition member if they can help by bringing books that we will ship them on their flight to join us.

Special appreciation goes to anyone in New Zealand who can help supply books as these won't need to be carried down from the States. We have funds set aside for purchase if anyone finds particularly good sources. COM , a great way to see what weather Mahina Tiare is encountering currently, or to check sailing weather for just about any location!

As much as we've always loved the South Pacific, will be our last full season of South Pacific expeditions. We really enjoyed our time there. We told our friends we were going there to deliver school supplies so they followed us to Port Narvin from Port Resolution. There was already one boat there. When Norm and I went ashore on arrival and the path and beach were lined with all the villagers Sunday afternoon. The chiefs said they had all come to the waterfront to see the boats as it was such a big event.

All 6 boats visited the school the next day together and the children sang beautifully for us. The teachers were very appreciative of the school supplies. The chiefs then guided us on a hike to the top of the mountain where they are building a cell tower. We did some photocopying for them and promised to look into sending English and Science books on their syllabus.

We'll look into this in NZ. All in all a very memorable visit with lovely people so thank you for the suggestion to stop there. The biggest problem for yachts is the rolly anchorage. We set a stern anchor which helped. We're enjoying PV now with baguettes and good grocery shopping. Hope all is well on MT. Click HERE to visit their site. We have no intention of brokering sailboats, but when expedition members or consultation clients are ready to sell their boats, we will list them on this page.

Please contact sellers directly. Molly Gillespie, Leg points the way through Huahine's reef aboard Mahina Tiare for our tenth magazine cover shot. Unbelievable, but here are two weeks of success stories:. The opportunity to watch and photograph the survey and go for a test sail with a consultation client on the Manta 42 cat that they had made an offer on, plus the chance to see the first day of the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show proved irrespirable, so Amanda and I accompanied Pete McGonagle to Ft.

Lauderdale, Florida this week. We had the opportunity to interview and photograph several boatyards, make connection with a new buyer's broker whom we will be referring selected clients to and generally learn much more about resources available in South FL for our Boat Selection Consultation clients. Also, very importantly, we had the chance to go aboard, photograph and speak with boatyard owners or reps of Antares, Catana, Seawind, Leopard, St. Francis and Knyssna catamarans, plus meet with the Jachney's and view the latest and excellent Hylas yachts.

Swimming pigs that come out to your boat for food scraps when you call them, snorkeling in sunken airliners; you gotta check this out! Baxter and Molly were Boat Purchase Consultation clients they ended up purchasing a very tidy and quite well equipped Tartan 37 and joined us on a very exciting Leg Shortly after returning from Rarotonga, they set sail south from North Carolina and are now in the Bahamas seriously having too much fun!

This is what it is all about - you don't have to sail around the world to get away and have an amazing adventure. If you can't get enough of sailing adventures on a snowy winter evening, watching their shows is like eating your favourite desert! Click here to view John's latest list including several additions and deletions. As she is structurally sound and still looks like a new boat, she is a huge testimony to the amazing quality of Hallberg-Rassy yachts. MT's original Volvo TMD 31L engine now has 11, hours but still doesn't use a drop of oil, doesn't smoke and comes up with annual oil analysis records identical to when new.

Even so, we are booked in to repower once we reach Sweden and our favorite Marinssons Brother's boatyard in We will also once again have Martinssons replace all rigging including the Selden Furlex and lifelines as they did at , miles.

Life just doesn't get any better! Mahina Tiare graces the cover of the Feb. Click HERE to see them. Linda and Brad joined us about five years ago for the passage from Noumea to Auckland and now they sold up and sailed here on their own boat! Click here for the full story. Open six days a week, 8: He has traveled to many of the countries we sail to and we are working closely with him to ensure smoothest possible airline and hotel bookings for expedition members.

We don't receive compensation from travel agents, but we have found it helpful having a dedicated agent who understands our specific needs expedition members must be in port of joining at least 24 hours early, and must not book return tickets before 2PM on final day of expedition. Many times Michael will offer a lower price than available on the internet by using a travel wholesaler. An additional advantage is if your airline changes your return ticket while you are aboard, Michael will alert us via email.

Click here for the details! We welcome suggestions for additional terms to include on the test, and we invite expedition members to study this the answers are in your Expedition Companion books sent out before you join us in preparation for joining Mahina Tiare.

Recently we've received emails from several people who didn't think they had enought experience to apply for an expedition, even though they have certainly had more than intermediate sailing skills.

We find that if you are outgoing, enjoy making new friends and experiencing different cultures you will be a positive asset to our crew. Read the article here: We think it can increase retention of valuable skills and information, at the least. Our expedition tests started with a single page covering the following: Marine Weather includes drawing different key weather symbols Diesel Engines following our engine class and video Anchoring includes drawing diagrams of each technique discussed Storm Tactics includes hands-on deployment of warp and drogue as well as drawing each tactic discussed Sails and Rigging includes utilizing our Pfaff machine to make a sail repair.

For the first time however, one of the very best insurers, Al Golden,owner of International Marine Services is specifically recommending Mahina Expeditions to clients with limited offshore experience who are hoping to be accepted into his very selective and most highly rated Jackline Insurance Program. Jackline is the first and only "A" rated US underwritten program that includes worldwide navigation for crews of two or more. If so, click here for our latest addition, an overview of what really works for preventing and treating seasickness.

To order this book Call or fax us with your Credit Card number: Click HERE for their story. Selecting an Ocean Cruising Sailboat Rigging and Maintenance Taught by master rigger, Andy Schwenk, owner of Northwest Rigging, this is a hands-on class with three workstations: Valletta, an historic walled city. Enjoying the sail to Gozo Island aboard Bella Luna.

Bella Luna, an HR 43 at anchor, Gozo. Vickie and Roland enjoying a sunny anchorage at Gozo Island.

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