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Skip ENO and go find a quality cottage hammock vendor who makes gathered end camping hammocks. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Those who do not require a full out-of-the-box hammock 'system' but just the bed itself using their own existing accessories, such as rain tarps and bug nets, or adding these over time.

Buyers who need a super-durable and lightweight hammock bed with all the with only exceptionss included - bug net, rain cover and ENO's own SlapStraps. I am not strongly considering buy an ENO hammock, and I actively watch woot for their great deals. Read our full SlapStrap guide.

Available in eight color combinations, the Double Deluxe is a whole 20 inches 50cm wider than the DoubleNest, giving couples and friends a decent amount more space in which to sleep and relax without ending up face to face. The best setups eliminate lateral loads entirely. The only improvement suggestion one user made was to maybe invest in longer guylines for if camping out in sparsely vegetated areas where trees and boulders i.

Eagles Nest is also an accessories innovator. This bed weighs 29oz in total or g and has the same ENO maximum capacity as the rest:. It's a LOT easier to lay diagonally with a longer, wider, double-sized hammock.

The sale usually lasts for a day or two. Check out Dutchware and their pre-made hammocks--you can get 11' ones there. Customer comments about the SingleNest are highly positive we didn't find any negative feedback from users in our extensive online research. I recently bought several as gifts for my groomsmen. A great option is the 11' Dutchware Argon hammock.

However that doesn't mean an ENO hammock isn't comfortable to lie and sleep in. Carabiner The last piece of the strength puzzle is the component that attaches the hammock's two end lines to either tree straps or a hammock stand.

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